HTML Email - How to link to anchors within document

I need to set up an html newsletter sent out by email. Within the newsletter I need to have a Contents section at the top that links to anchors within the body of the newsletter. As an HTML web page this isn't a problem and tests through a browser are fine. When I set the document up as stationery and email it, the anchor links simply open a blank page.

The examples I have seen that work have an absolute reference for the link to the anchor that usually takes the form

I believe that this reference is established when the email is opened at the browser rather than coded in the html page.

My question is how can I have my internal links to anchors work the same way for email stationery/newsletters?


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monvelasquezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here's what i did.

Open Outlook Express
Create a new message
Click on View then check Source Edit
Select the Source TAB at the bottom of the window.
Paste all your code there

To check if it's working
Click on the Preview TAB
give the links a relative reference...


<a href="#topic1">Topic 1</a><br>
<a href="#topic2">Topic 2</a><br>
<a href="#topic3">Topic 3</a><br>
<a name="topic1">Topic 1<a>
    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog....
<a name="topic2">Topic 2<a>
    The lazy dog bit the jumping fox.
<a name="topic3">Topic 3<a>
    The fox and the dog had a fight...
Das246Author Commented:
The links already had a relative reference. When they are part of an email the email client can't work out what to do with the relative links so they are made into absolute links. If the page has a

<base href="">

then the status bar says that the anchor link is ""

If I take the <base> command out, then the link looks for:

"file:///C:/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Stationery/#topic1"

So I either have to manufacture an absolute link for the anchor that the email clients will understand, or I have to find the command that activates the mhtml absolute reference.
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what's your email client? are you using outlook express?
Das246Author Commented:
Yes. Outlook express.
what you do is you highlight the hyperlink then
go to Insert > Hyperlink, then just remove the extra stuff
leaving just the name of the anchor..

file:///C:/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Stationery/#topic1

remove everything except for #topic1
Das246Author Commented:
Sorry, must have crossed wires. I'm proofing the end result in Outlook Express but I'm building the page in Dreamweaver MX.

The anchor link is <a name="#topic1">. The absolute link detail is added by Outlook Express after I send the email.
Das246Author Commented:
Thanks monvelasquez,

I can see what's happening now. Outlook Express places a <BASE href=...> line that needs to be deleted. Once this line is gone it works perfectly.


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