Is there an easy way to resize forms?

Is there an easier way to resize forms than changing all the controls locations and sizes by hand?  I have many forms and I would like to be able to resize, but all of these forms have many controls on them.  It seems like there might be an easier solution than modifying all the sizes/locations manually based on the new window size.  
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> Is there an easier way to resize forms than changing all the controls locations and sizes by hand?

Yes. :)

Use an automatic layout manager. I use this free one from here:
and found it to be quite good. One does need to do a bit of work on one's objects though to specify minimum sizes for objects on the form.

There are other layout managers, including one on SourceForge, but I haven't used them. You could try experimenting with them if the above layout manager doesn't suit you.
The SourceForge Layout Manager:
If you set correctly the Anchor propery drawing the form at smallest size the resize of form work fine
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jjacksnAuthor Commented:
DaniPro, if I specify the anchor, the resizing does not expand any of the controls

But if you Anchor a control to Top, Left, Right, Bottom, it will be resized....
Plese, give me an example of your problem
jjacksnAuthor Commented:
My Anchored controls do not resize... please explain what you mean?  

If I have a RichTextBox in a form, and it is anchored topleft, when I resive the form, the text box does not grow accordingly.
What DaniPro is trying to explain is that your RichTextBox can be Anchor-ed like this:
MyRichTextBox.Anchor = (AnchorStyles.Bottom | AnchorStyles.Top | AnchorStyles.Right | AnchorStyles.Left);
And then when the form is resized, the RichTextBox will change size roughly proportionally to the form.
I hope that helps!

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jjacksnAuthor Commented:
oh, ok.  that sounds good.  If I anchor things inside of a panel, and anchor the panel, would that also happen correctly?  Also, can I do that in the designer, or only programmatically?
jjacksnAuthor Commented:
Nevermind, the designer was a stupid question.

thanks, that should work.
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