Format a cd with VB6

Then I put in a new CD in the burnerdevice I would like to check if the CD is formatted or not. If the CD is not formatted I would like to do that. Can I call the program DirectCD with any command and format the CD?
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youll probably need to use the mcisendcommand or mcisendstring API call to start a format.  nor the actuall command or string i am unsure of
Roxio Direct CD doesn't have any programming interface. There is no COM interface, API or command line utility to control CD burning from the program.
You can try to copy file to CD. If this fails, CD is not formatted. In this case run Roxio Direct CD using Shell command. For example, in Roxio 5 you can run project selector:

Shell "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adaptec Shared\CreateCD\CreateCD50.exe"

User should select Direct CD in the opened window and format it. When CD is ready for use, your program may copy files to it.
mikael_luAuthor Commented:
I would like to format the CD without any help from the user, if it's possible.
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I don't think it is possible with Roxio Direct CD. They make their program only for end-userd and not for programmers. There are other products (like Nero) which have programming interface and may be used by end-users and also by programmers. Roxio doesn't have such features.
You can try to run Roxio using Shell and after this programmatically press it's buttons using SendInput, but such things never work properly for 100%.
If you are interesting for using other CD burning products, check out NeroCOM.
Format CD? ARe you talking about CD_RW ?
mikael_luAuthor Commented:
Clarification, I'm only going to use CD-R
Then Why you need to format CD? Format CD for Read only?
Am I missing something?
mikael_luAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry EDDYKT, wrong answer from me, of course is it a CD-RW.
Otherwise it's not possible for me to copy files to the CD (for backup).
>>Clarification, I'm only going to use CD-R

What I trying to say is if you use cd-r, you don't have to format the cd. the cd allows you to write once.
mikael_luAuthor Commented:
When I put a new CD-R in burnerdevice I would like to look on the CD with Explorer.
But Explorer can't read on the CD before it have been fomatted.
thats because it hows no TOC section, writing a generic TOC on that cd will make it useless

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mikael_luAuthor Commented:
How do I generate TOC section?
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