Call MakeResponse

Can Anybody help ?

"Make the response by Lotus Script"

I have 2 Views in database,The view name is View1 and View2
View1 has 5 Documents and one of them have customer field in it. Customer name is Peter.
View2 have 10 documents,5 document customer name is Peter , I want to make 5 documents in View2 as the response document of the Peter document in ViewA .

How i can do ?
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
For what purpose? There must be some idea behind your wish...

Anyway, the easy approach:
1. I assume the forms in View2 are different from the forms in View1
2. make the sub-document form a Response form
3. make View1 "Show response hierarchy"
4. mark those 5 documents in View2 and Cut them (^X)
5. go to View1, click Peter and Paste (^V)

No programming required!

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if us till want in lotusscript here is the code :

      Dim session As New notessession
      Dim db As notesdatabase
      Set db = session.currentdatabase
      Set view1 = db.getview("<your first view>")
      Set view2 = db.getview("<your secondview>")
      Set doc = view1.getdocumentbykey("peter")
      Set doccoll = view2.getalldocumentsbykey("peter")
      Set respdoc = doccoll.getfirstdocument
      While Not respdoc Is Nothing
            Call respdoc.makeresponse(doc)
   True, True
            Set respdoc = doccoll.getnextdocument(respdoc)

code is not debugged, and I am assuming that Peter appears in the first sorted columns of view1 and view2

<initialization stuff>

Set pdoc=view1.GetDocumentByKey("Peter")

Set coll=view2.GetAllDocumentByKey("Peter")
For i=1 to coll.Count



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What was not debugged in my code,Moreover Getnthdocument is a performance killer, by all means my code is better

partha: i did not see your code when typed mine. It's mine code which is not debugged :-)

Sorry Ksi2001.. just a miscommunication    :-)

bjork_hugoAuthor Commented:
thank all...
that's best guideline.

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