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Hey i recently ordered the parts to a P4 system, before i've built a couple of amd systems and had no problems. this is my first intel based system i am making.. anyways i fixed it all together and when i press the power button all that happens is a really loud annoying beep. i checked the beep codes and it said it was memory failure i checked the memory it worked fine on my other system.. i think it may be a CPU problem the cpu i have ordered is from ccl and its P4 2.4 ghz and the motherboard is a MSI P4MAM-L also i have noticed when i boot up the cooling fan isn't spinning.. i have double checked all the components what can it be, i have  feeling it is the cpu because when i removed it and booted up it didn't make a beeping can you please help me... thanks
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This maybe a silly quesiton but have you connected the second power connecter? P4 boards usually have a second smaller plug that needs to be used as well a the main one.  You dont get this on AMD stuff.
> noticed when i boot up the cooling fan isn't spinning

if your fan is not spinning most of the newer boards detect this.  If the fan is not spinning it will not boot up.  Do you have the fan plugged in?  Is it plugged into the correct spot?
As stated above you need to have the four plug connector on your MB in order for P4 to work.

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SatnamRAuthor Commented:
yeh all the wires where placed correct, i refitted all the parts and it booted normal but then it shut down due to over heating so the only problem now is the fan which will be replaced shortly well thanks anyways guys hopefully no damage has been done to ma cpu
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I would not think that any damage would have been done.  That is why they make safe guards like that.
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Well, it's been a while since any comment has been made and it's time to cleanup this TA.

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I don't want to sound like a butt, but I believe that I was the one to answer his question due to the fact that I comment on the fact that the fan was not spinning.  However, the author has never commented back to us after he replaced the fan.  Splitting the points would be fine with me.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
lol, you don't sound like a butt...

The reason I suggest point split was that although you noticed the fan issue, so did the user.  It didn't seem to be a question of whether the spinning was an issue, it seemed the user was aware that it not spinning was an issue, and that's why he stated "it will be replaced shortly".  

Hopefully I'm not wrong, but that's the issue as I saw it.  
Why the grade of C?  
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SatnamR:  Please review the grading guidelines here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/help/closing.jsp#7

I will post a request to have this reviewed by a moderator.
SatnamRAuthor Commented:
Hi, Sorry I misunderstood the grading, I thought grade was an alright grade I would I go to change your grade?
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