Network driver for IBM GL300 Pentium II desktop??

Does anyone know what Network chip is used in an IBM GL300 PII 266 desktop? I need to load a driver to get it running.

This is an old box that I inherited from a relative. I updated Windows from 98 to 98 SE to gain USB support. (GL 300 has onboard usb ports). The network connectivity has now gone AWOL.

I suspect that it may be 3com or intel based, any ideas??

Thanks for your help.

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They don't have integrated ethernet AFAIK.
IBM lists several shipped enet chipsets depending on which GL300 at

Use 3com's cardfind

If it's 3com that'll tell you which one, if not, crack the box and get out your magnifying glass.

Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
matmac ....  your best choice is to download aida32 (it's free )  Instead of guessing what's inside your computer I'd install AIDA32. It gives complete details about EVERY component inside your computer. All you have to do after that is identify the network card and do a google search for an appropriate driver either paste here the model and we'll try finding a driver.

Good Luck


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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
>>Does anyone know what Network chip is used in an IBM GL300 PII 266 desktop?
Noone could know that, I have one standing next to me and it doesn't have an onboard networkcard. I suggest you open up your case and look on the card. It should say somewhere what the make&model is.

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Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
So , Luc .... don't you trust AIDA?  ;-)
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
I live with AIDA ;-) but I don't want to copy your post, I just tried adding some information that this computer doesn't have an on-board networkcard.

but you didn't mind repeating mine :-O
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Oops, scrolled down too fast I think :-(
no harm in reinforcing the path to network nirvana
Specify which model of 300GL I have a bunch of drivers available but some are very model specific.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
This is what I hate about IBM and their naming conventions...there are probably ~500 different PC 300GL's out there, ranging from a Pentium MMX 166 to Pentium III 800, with dozens of different configurations inbetween.

matmac:  There is a black sticker on the front/side of the unit that says "M/T: ####-***" and "S/N: ##-*****".  What is the M/T (model Type) of the system?

Other than that, the above excellent suggestions should get you on the road to networking this beast.  Have you tried simply removing the card from Device Manager and letting Win98 redetect it?

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Also, from chicagoan's link:
Looks like some of them have an "Accton" integrated/system supplied Ethernet adapter.
Worth a shot I suppose...

between cardfind aida and a magnifying glass you ought to be able to figure it out

there's no guarantee IBM put the card in there anyway, could be anything from an NE2000 to  an intel gigE, but my money's on a 3com

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Again, I agree with chicagoan...its probably a 3C905 compatible (though I thought that 98SE had built-in drivers for that series...?)

matmacAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

Problem Solved - Here is the wash up.

Installed and used aida32 to inspect hardware of IBM - no network card found (thanks kronostm) . Which was abit of a shock! Tried running the 3com "card find" utility - just in case. (thanks chicagoan). Tried also installing the drivers off the IBM website for the Accton nic - no joy.

Aida32 report - got me thinking. I can see a network port but nothing appears under the OS. I rebooted and went into the bios settings, sure enough "Ethernet" was disabled. Enabled ethernet and rebooted. Windows detected the onboard card and loaded a "Crystal LAN CS8920" driver for the ethernet. I have not seen this feature in bios previously where ethernet can be "disabled", it's probably more common with onboard ports. I had the ethernet working PRIOR to the re-install of Windows and do not understand how it could be suddenly disabled.

IBM model : GL300 - 6282 - 52A
CPU: Pentuim MMX 166 - NOT 266 as previously noted.

Points to kronostm for Aida32
Point to chicagoan for IBM site and card find.

Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
Thanks matmac.
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