clients cannot browse network on windows 2003 server domain

Domain: domain.local
Windows 2003 Server running DHCP, DNS, WINS
Client machines (mostly Windows 98) cannot browse the network neighborhood.
If I type "\\<server>\<share>" in the address bar, then sometimes I can view the contents of the share.
Sometimes I get the message: "You must supply a password to make this connection"
I have been struggling with this for weeks, and I really need to get this issue resolved.
I have done lots of searching online, but have not been able to figure it out.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Firsly 98 is pants on a domain =( consider installin the WINS service on one of your servers and configuring the clients to look at the WIN server for their NETBIOS needs.

Then run through this on one of the clients

Adding Win 98 Clients to the domain

Win 98 clients need ‘Microsoft client for networks’ installing to join/logon to a domain
To see if you have it installed

Start> Settings >Control Panel
Double click ‘Network’
You should now see your network adaptor (NIC or modem)
If ‘Client for Microsoft Networks’ is not listed add it as follows
     Click Add
     Select Client and click Add
     Select Microsoft (on the left)
     Select ‘Client for Microsoft Networks (on the right)
     You may be asked to insert the Windows 98 CD, do so.

Ensure the Primary network logon is set to ‘client for Microsoft networks’
Than double click ‘‘client for Microsoft networks’ in the list above.
In the Logon Validation section tick ‘Logon to Windows NT Domain’
Type the domain name in the Box (don’t need the extension i.e. would be MYSITE)
In the Network logon options section ensure ‘logon and restore network connections’ is ticked.
Click OK and ensure ‘Client for Microsoft Networks’ is still the primary network logon.
Double click TCP/IP and ensure you have a valid IP address or its set to ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’
If you have a WINS server enter its details on the WINS tab (Make sure you click add)
If you have a Default Gateway enter its details on the Gateway tab (Make sure you click add)
Click the DNS tab, (THIS is where most mistakes occur!!) Tick ‘Enable DNS’
In the host box type ‘YOURCOMPUTERNAME’
In the Domain box put the domain name (i.e.
If you have a lot of domain namespaces (i.e. etc) you can put them in the search order (Main site at the TOP!)
Click OK

Now you need to set up the Network Identification

Start> Settings >Control Panel
Double click ‘Network’
Select the Identification tab
Enter or check the ‘computer name’ is THE SAME as the one on the DNS ‘host’ above
In the workgroup box type the domain name in the Box (don’t need the extension i.e. would be MYSITE)
Computer description (i.e. my desktop PC)

Reboot the machine! ! !

You should now be able to logon to the domain

To lock down the Win98 PC which has little or no security you can specify that unless its authenticated to the domain you cant login there are two methods of doing this

Method one
Open your registry and go to the following key:
Create a new DWORD value, or modify the existing value called "MustBeValidated" and set it to equal "1" to require successful authentication.
Restart Windows for the change to take effect.
When the PC has rebooted if the user dosnt enter a correct password for the domain they will see this warning

“The Network could not validate your username. You cannot use windows unless your username, is validated by the network. Make sure you typed everything correctly or contact you administrator”


Method Two

On the Windows 98 setup CD look for the following file.
D:\tools\reskit\netadmin\poledit\poledit.exe (where d:\is your CD drive)
Click Options >Policy Templates
If the Windows.adm template is not listed add it in,
Click File >New Policy
Double click “default computer”
Drill down to Win98 Network >Logon
Tick ‘require validation from the network to logon’
Collapse the tree you are working in and expand ‘update’
Tick the ‘remote update’ box ENSURE the update mode is set to ‘automatic’
Collapse the tree
Click File >Save As.. And save as ‘config.pol’
Copy config.pol to the following location on your domain controller

*****Handy Link*****

How to Cache Your Windows NT Domain Password in Windows Me/98/95;en-us;140709
timjrAuthor Commented:
DHCP is providing the WINS, DNS, and gateway settings.
Microsoft Client for Networks is installed.
The clients can log onto the network and access shares through shortcuts on the desktop, but cannot browse the network neighborhood.

also -- I'm not sure what "locking down" win98 is supposed to help at this point ???  Any pointers?
Make sure that Netbios over tcp/ip is ENABLED on the 2003 server. Consider installing Netbeui on both the server and the win98 client just for troubleshooting. If it works, there's a netbios over ip problem. Are the win98 machines on the same subnet as the 2003 server? If so, you really shouldn't have these kind of problems.
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Sounds like a WINS problem
timjrAuthor Commented:
to drev001:
Netbios over tcp/ip is ENABLED on the 2003 server.
The win98 machines are on the same subnet as the 2003 server.
Netbeui is not available on the 2003 server.

to stevenlewis:
Can you help me with the WINS configurarion?
WINS doesn't need much configuration in this kind of setup. Just make sure that your server and all workstations have the server address specified within their tcp/ip properties. On 98 machines, set the server address under primary AND secondary fields.
So they've removed netbeui? seems so, how useful.
timjrAuthor Commented:
I have WINS set on both the server and workstations -- still no luck.

At least I couldn't find netbeui in the available protocol options.
timjrAuthor Commented:
does anyone have any other help to offer here?
What happened when you added NetBEUI?
Are you using AD on your server? If so, did you dd the AD component to the w98 boxes

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timjrAuthor Commented:
I did not add NetBEUI:  1)I do not want NetBEUI running because it causes unnecessary constant network traffic. 2)NetBEUI was not available on 2003 Server

I did get the Win98 machines to browse the network by disabling the browser on the 2003 server and enabling it on one of the win98 machines.  However, I still cannot access any of the resources on the win98 machines.  I did discover that the Win98 machines were the only ones affected, not the Win98SE or WinMEmachines.

What is the AD component for Win98, and how can I get it?
timjrAuthor Commented:
Thank you stevenlewis,
I found the DSClient (AD component) on my Windows Server 2000 CD (It was not on the Windows 2003 Server Enterprise CD).
I installed it on my Win98 machines and everything works GREAT!
I also installed it on a Win95 machine that would not even connect to the network before, and it now works GREAT!

Thanks Again!
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