Out of memory error in windows 2000/NT

I have a mid-size ASP  application running on windows 2000 and NT server. I am getting  a error "Error: File /iisHelp/common/500-100.asp Line 0 Out of memory.Unable to allocate reuired memory" twice daily and after that I have to reboot the system. I would like to get a permanent fix. Its running on IIS 5.0, MDAC2.7 and Service pack 6a
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Do you have any idea where the memory leak is? Do you have any Calls to bespoke DLLs within the site ?
vijayshanAuthor Commented:
I have a dll running on MTS 2.0. This basically does simple add and updates with very small amount of data.Event log does not give any other error apart from mentioned one, so I have no clue about memory leak. We had some latest windows update and other hotfixes although.
I see simalar behaviour on one of my clients sites, it is 2000 based and it is a COM+ component. I find that if I shut down the COM+ container and restart the webserver it frees up the memory (the freeing up comes at the COM+ container shutdown) I know that isn;t a solution but if you find that you can atleast identify the component there is then grounds to go away and then inspect the code within that - should that be the cuulprit of course
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vijayshanAuthor Commented:
Infact we are doing that already. Usually we stop and restart webserver mid day (during lunch hours). As per code goes we use OLE db provider in classic asp 2.0. I Checked all connections/command/recordset's closing or setting it free. We logged every dll call to trace a particular dll call. But there is no consistent call break, I mean it breaks at different calls different times. I wonder wheather event log error message has any relationship with this problem (It seems it gives wrong error description and problem is something else). IIS error code ASP 0100 describes "OUT of memory" but there is no info available

thanks to microsoft  :(
" Its running on IIS 5.0, MDAC2.7 and Service pack 6a "

I guess it was a typo on you part and that you meant IIS 4 right ?

THere is a new MDAC out, you could run that at the server see if it helps. When you get the out of memory error is the machine actually out of memory i.e. swap file full and growing or is it a programatic out of memory and you have lots actually spare ?
vijayshanAuthor Commented:
Windows 2000 Server runs on iis 5.0, MDAC 2.71.9, Service pack 3
Windows NT 4.0 Server runs on iis 4.0, MDAC 2.71.9, Service pack 6a

We have a webfarm setting.Usally IIS web server goes down, machine does not hang! I was looking at performamnce monitor...it shows less than 50% memory usage. How to check swap file full and growing ?? There are no other applications open on server during the error. Out of memory message is provided by the web server in the event log. Is there a latest MDAC after 2.71.9 ? Please let me know

Error message on Windows 2000 is "Error: File /iisHelp/common/500-100.asp Line 0 Out of memory.Unable to allocate reuired memory".

Error message on Windows NT is "Error: File ?  Out of memory.
For additional information specific to this message please visit the Microsoft Online Support site located at: http://www.microsoft.com/contentredirect.asp. " 

Users get a blank page after that
2.8 was released 3 months ago


I don't suppose that you loose both servers at the same time ?
vijayshanAuthor Commented:
Usually First NT goes down and then after less than an hour win 2K.
I wonder if it might be related to load ? I epxect that the 2k server is better spec?

Just guessing but the NT4 server reaches its limit (for reasons unknown) and the server dies the load shifts and then the 2k server traffic doubles and then that too dies ?

I would suggest you post something in a VB \ COM forum and ask there if there is a way to better protect the component or increase the available resource to it
vijayshanAuthor Commented:
Is there are any documentation regarding MDAC 2.8?...specifically mentioning the fixes or any patches. If it relates to memory leaks I am planning to go for it. Generally I heard MDAC latest versions fixing unusual problems.

Yeah, quite possible that 2k goes down with double traffic. but at times NT does not go down but 2K goes itself (very rare although)

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Dear Sir,

I go to this link "http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/downloads/list/dataaccess.asp

to see a solution for my question but I got this page from microsoft.com:

"Data Access Downloads
The Data Access download list page has been moved. Please visit the new location at Data Access and Storage Downloads, where you can find product and update downloads, code samples, and more."

Plz send me the solutions. Thank you in advance.
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