DNS Issue

After a recent upgrade to Windows 2000 Server/Active Directory I am unable to view our company web page.  All other web pages can be viewed just fine.  The ISP IP address are listed in the forward lookup zone. also, I have a www host that points to the IP address still no luck.  If I put the IP number on a client machine I am able to view it, remove it unable to voew it. ??????????
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on the client machine, open up a command prompt

type ipconfig /flushdns

release IP and then renew IP. .. that should do it.
dtooth71Author Commented:
unfortunately not.
tell me something

1. ping the windows 2000 server by its name?

2. ping using IP?

3. did you restart the machine after clearing the DNS resolver Cache?
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dtooth71Author Commented:
1) successful
3) I did this step prior to this day, whaich after I restarted
so you are able to ping by IP address as well as FQDN.. hmm.. doesnt seem to be DNS issue then. are you pinging from a internal machine on the same subnet or from a different one?

are you using any secure certificate?
dtooth71Author Commented:
Yes, by IP and FQDN.  the pings are from an internal machine on the same subnet.???
well then it is certain that it is not the DNs problem. try doing this, on the client machine. go to the IE options, clear all the cookies and temporary internet files. may be it is holding some information that is preventing it from accessging the website.
So you're saying that the clients can see the page if the IP is in the URL but not if the domain name is placed in the URL? What DNS address are the clients using? The internal DNS server or that of the ISP? If the host record for your company web site is in the Internal DNS the your clients need to be looking here first and then forward to the ISP's if it can't resolve.
dtooth71Author Commented:
clearing the cookies and such did nothing.
the client machines can view the page I put the IP address of the hosting server in the DNS TCP/IP settings.
There is not a DNS setting specified on the client machines.  
Well then you need to setup a DHCP server so that the clients can get this DNS information when they get their IP.
Rob StoneCommented:
You could try putting the IP in the HOSTS file of the client, although this will only help prove if it is a DNS problem, its not really a solution.
i would like to know how did the author fix the problem?

Pashamod: I will have no objection , if the author is ready to share the fix.
dtooth71Author Commented:
I added a www alias corresponding to the site.
thanks dtooth71.

Pashamod: I have no objections closing the question
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