Live 365 (Radio Plug-in for IE) not Loading even after Reinstall

The Live 365 Plug-in will not load properly on my husband's log-in, although it works fine on my log-in. This is the free version of the plug-in.  We have uninstalled and reinstalled the plug-in, to no avail. The Live 365 pop-up window opens up and starts to load but then the word "undefined" appears in several places and the program does not run.

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Are you the administrater for the computer or our both of you.  It sounds like you are having a conflict of him not having the rights to the plugin.  I would guess that were you installed the program is in a file that he is not able to access.  There could have something to do with were you downloaded the file.  When you download a file on XP it will only put it in your documents.  Maybe try moving it to the shared files folder or to the programs files and then install it.  
raebenAuthor Commented:
We are both administrators. One thing I neglected to mention..  it was working fine on his log-in, then he went away for 3 weeks. When he returned, it no longer worked. It is possible someone may have used his log-in while he was gone to install a child's game program, but that's the only use it would have received.  

When we uninstall maybe it's not removing everything -- maybe a shared file?  It's just a plug-in and the install/uninstall is automatic so I can't figure out what is going on.  I don't see any specific Live 365 files that's in one of our directories and not in the other  when I do a file search -- just temporary internet files show up.    I've search the Live 365 site to no avail.
If you have system restore, you could attempt to restore to a point when Live 365 was working.
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yeah try system restore than and then reistall the game that was put on there.  Do you know how to use system restore?

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raebenAuthor Commented:
No I have never used system restore. Hmmm, is that the only way?  Would I have to reinstall anything else that was added under a different log-in?  I'd really hate to do that, I've switched a lot of my work to that machine on my log-in.  

here is how it works.  It keeps all the files that you have used fine and does not do anything to them.  It rolls back to a date that you specify.  From that date forward everything that you have installed on the computer will be deleted.  Things like windows updates and the kids game you put on.  It also will roll back to before you installed the kids game to were it was working for the both of you.

here are some links regarding system restore just to reasure you that you will not lose any of your data.

this link will show you how to use system restore.  It is rather easy to use and does not take long.
more info:
In system restore the little box will tell you what programs have been added.  Just find the date that you added the kids program and restore it to a point before that program.
raebenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info about system restore, I didn't know about that feature. It looks good but when I accessed it tonight I found only 5 restore points -- the last 5 days only, so it didn't go back far enough to be of help in this case.  

But, at least I know about it now and I can create restore points before I add new software in the future.  That's good.  

Is there any software diagnostic tool why Live 365 isn't loading?
I would completely unistall it.  First you need to go to the unistall program in the control panel and unistall it there.  Then you need to go and search for it and and files that could be there.  You should also manually look for any files.  Then try and reintstall it and see if that works.  I would guess that when you unistall it does not completely unistall it.
Has any of this help?
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