OL2K: Move to Folder toolbar button has 2 inboxes

When I select one of the inboxes, it does move email to my inbox.  However, when I select the "other" inbox, the email disappears but does not show up in my inbox.

Where is the email going?  How do I get rid of the 2nd Inbox?
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Do you have an offline storage file?  A seperate PST file located somewhere else?
Go into Tools/Options/Mail Setup tab/Data Files and see how many you have stored there.

How is your Outlook configured (pop/exchange, etc)

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Hi Quetzal,

Right-click your toolbar and select the option to modify your toolbars, - when in this mode, simply drag the undesired button to somewhere outside Outlook and drop it.

Kind regards,
QuetzalAuthor Commented:
sirbounty, this is outlook 2k configed for Internet email only...no such path to data files...but there are no other pst's open.  This is configed for POP3 email, only one mailbox.

Sven, I like the button.  I don't like it showing 2 inboxes.  I want to remove the one that doesn't work right.
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Okay - click View/Folder List
Where is the 2nd inbox listed here?   RIght-click it and click properties to try and determine its source.
Then if it's not necessary, simply delete it. . .
QuetzalAuthor Commented:
Nope, there is only 1 pst and only 1 inbox
Tools/Email Accounts/View existing email
How many do you have listed there?
Should be more than one or a duplicate. ..
QuetzalAuthor Commented:
Nope only 1
Hmmm.  Something is certainly amiss.
You say "only 1 pst" - do you mean that you are using a data file?

I get the same results that you do (2 inboxes) but due to the fact that I have OL configured to auto-connect to my Hotmail account.  But I also have my locall stored PST file (which has its own Inbox).

Instead of doing anything de-structive - try creating a new profile in OL.  Control Panel/Mail/Show Profiles.  Click Add from the General tab and name it anything you want "Test" for example.  Then go into that profile and configure your pop access.  See if you have the same results. . .

Let me know - thanx.
QuetzalAuthor Commented:
sirbounty, data file nomenclature is Outlook 2002, but I understand what you are saying.  the idea to create a new profile is excellent.  I'll let you know how it turns out.
I could've sworn the OL2K had a trailing 2. . .oops.
QuetzalAuthor Commented:
Outlook running in IMO, no option to create profile.  I did a search for all pst's on the machine and have actually found the one to which the "other" Inbox refers.

Now, is there a way to delete the Inbox entry from this button menu?
Not sure how it got there - but if you go into Control Panel/Mail - do you have a Show Profiles button, where you can add/remove the profile and create a new one?  I feel that'd be the easiest way. . .let me know if it works. . .
QuetzalAuthor Commented:
There is no Show Profiles button on the mail applet in Control Panel.

I now understand how it got there.  It simply remembered the name of the folder when it was selected from the folder list.  The problem is when I now close that personal folder.  Can't tell one inbox from another.
Can you right-click one and click "Close Inbox" to disconnect the one you do not need?
QuetzalAuthor Commented:
sirbounty, your initial comments helped me to find the the answer to my first question.  But it looks like we're not going to be able to answer the 2nd one.  What's a fair reward for you...full points with grade < A or half points with grade of A....your call.
I think reducing the points would involve a moderator.  And grading standards state that if your problem wasn't solved, but a suggestion led you to a solution, a B is generally given.  
Were you not able to close one inbox or the other to determine which was was in use?
QuetzalAuthor Commented:
My question involved 2 parts...where did the email go when selecting one of the invboxes and how to get rid of the second inbox.  Your initial comments helped me to find the "other" inbox, but I am still unable to get rid of the second inbox on my toolbar.  So, let's go with full points, grade B.
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