Structure into a Function

Im trying to pass all the data in from the variable Database[i] after it has all the data in each array element. Does anybody know how I can pass the variable Database with the information already in it to a function? my sample code is below thank you.
struct record{
      int key;
      string firstName;
      string lastName;
      int studentid;
      int courseID;
      string coursename;
      double courseMark;

string Getfirstname();
string Getlastname();
int Getstudentid();
int Getcourseid();
string Getcoursename();
double Getcoursemark();

int main(void)
      record Database[1000];//reserve memory for 100 records
      int i=0;
      double sum=0;
      char reply;

      cout<<"Would you like to enter another student in the database? (y) or (n) "<<endl;
      cout<<"Response: ";
so I want to put database with all the elements of the array filled into a function thank you.
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Do you want only one set inside the function?

fun (Database[i])

or all?

fun2 (Database)

are the calls to the function. The declaration needs to know the type of the variable Database.
Assuming Database is of type

MyData Database[100];

Then the declaration is

fun (MyData& singleData) ;


fun2 (MyData[]& allData);
BTW this was assuming references. With pointers the above changes to
fun (MyData* singleData);

fun (&Database[i])

fun2 (MyData** allData);

fun (&Database)

Calls could be different if you don't need to modify the struct.
flukedAuthor Commented:
I want to be able to import the Database array into a function. After the do-while loop has finished. Do you have an example ?
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I read your code a bit more careful:

void MyFunc (record* pMyDB); //

void MyFunc (record* pMyDB) {
      cout << pMyDB[i].firstname << " " << pMyDB[i].lastname << endl;

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You can pass a pointer to the database array into the function. This is the best way to do it.

It can be done as follows:

func1(record *);           //Function declaration

Now for function definition (You will write the function as)

func1(record *databasearray)
         //Write function code here

Now after the do-while loop you can call the function as:

func1(Database);                          //Database is base address of array to be passed

Then inside the function you can use 'databasearray' just as a normal array.


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