Several windows errors (eg. no text on screen, wondows update error, etc)


I just installed Windows 2000 Prof. but during installation I got a message saying that file ntdsa.dll could not be found on the cd. This is very weird because I have used that cd before and I never got that problem at all (and the cd is in perfect condition). Anyway, I had to click on the "ignore" button to carry on with the installation. After installing, I applied SP4 and other critical updates from Windows Update, but there were several times when I got an error message from Windows Update saying "Windows Update encountered errors"...After several times, I managed to apply all the updates.

Tha computer seemed to be working fine and the next morning it started up fine, but when I tried to shut down the system, it stayed for at least 20 min. on the "Saviing your configuration" windows message box and I got the message "Low Virtual Memory" twice but it just wouldn't shut down, so I had to pull the plug. After that, it just wouldn't starup normally (got frozen on one of the Windows loading screens) and after pressing F8 and choosing "Use Last good known configuration" I managed to log in. After that, I used the computer all day long problem-free.

That was yesterday. This morning I turn on the computer and it starts up normally but then I notice there is no text on the screen! The Start button is there but it doesn't say "start", the clock is not showing, the Start menu is there (the shape) but there is no text in it....weird! When turning off the system, I got the usual "Windows is shutting down" text messages but also without text! After that, I reboot the machine and then I had no problem at all........

Is this random or what?!

Help much appreciated...

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Anytime you get a weird error during installation you should re-install. If you keep getting the error and it only happens on a specific Pc. Then obviously there is a problem with that Pc not with your install CD. Make sure all of your hardware is compliant for the OS you are installing and it never hurts to check and make sure your BIOS doesn't need updating.
First of all TooKoolKris is right. If your installation is already flaky, then you shouldn't be surprised when the whole system has problems.
From reading about ntdsa.dll and checking the MS knowledge base it looks like hotfixes and service packs are pretty sensitive about diffrent versions of ntdsa.dll (which is part of the NT directory security). That would lead to te conclusion that a missing ntdsa.dll will cause even more hassle.

Conclusion: redo your OS install and try to get that clean.


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IndietrasherAuthor Commented:
I wasn't very convinced with the advice of having to reinstall the whole OS, given that I had already installed Service PAcks, Apps, etc. So after a while or searchivng the net I came up with this! W2k has a DOS based utiity called sfc (system file check) which I scheduled to run the next time I rebooted and after rebooting the app asked me to insert the W2k install cd and after 10 min. or so it said it had fixed intallation errors. I did some review abotu this utility before using it, and I found that it scans all the windowsconfiguration files to ensure that they are intact as if just installed. It worked!! I was very pleased not having to re-install!!

So, everything is working just fine BUT one thing. I just can't get my sound card to work. The mainboard is a VIA 8233 and has built-in audio. Windows Update found a Driver Update available for the computer (the sound driver from Via Technologies) but I have tried several times to install the driver and it always says "Windows ecountered errors". I downloaded the drivers from the viarena site and after going through the install driver wizard i always get the error "Data is Invalid". After searching the net, I found a possible solution for the problem that was to modify the registry key for the audio controller and set the permissions for Full Control.....still no luck!

The original problem was solved thanks to ths SFC, so if anyone can help me with this annoying driver error, I'll be more than glad to give the points....(please avoid simple answers like "reinstall everything" or "buy another sound card"!!!)
Find the website for the manufacturer of the mother board you have if it has integrated audio. You should be able to get the sound drivers for the board you have. Also make sure that whatever settings in the BIOS that are needed to turn your integrated audio on are as such.

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