Registered Domain name and Active Directory Domain name problem

I have a domain, we will call it, this is my active directory domain name.
It is also my registered domain name.
I have included forwarders to www and mail in the active directory DNS.
My problem stems from the fact that internal users need to get to without the www.
How can I do this without renaming my active directory domain?

Bright insight is greatly appreciated.

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Create a host record for in your DNS server.
I might do this slight variation...
add an (A) host record in the zone called www, with the external address of your website in there. Then add an alias to this called

either way outta work...
chrisgoodeAuthor Commented:
There is no internal web server.  All http is hosted externally.  I cannot create an alias for the active directory domain name.  I run my own DNS server on the inside obviously and in a web browser I type in in my browser and it goes out to external server because I have a forwarder.  I type in and it cannot go out because I am not running IIS on this box.  I really don't want to install IIS, but I have thought about installing IIS and forwarding ia html any requests for to

Does this make more sense?
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You don't need to run IIS internally.

What Kris and I are saying is to add the IP address of your external web server as a host record in your internal DNS server.

So - you type in - you query your internal DNS server, and it replies back with the external address of your external website, and you go off and load the page from the Internet.
You type in and the same thing happens. You're querying your internal DNS server, but the answer it is giving back is for an external server.


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I don't see how this solution is acceptable since A records already exist for that point to the domain controllers for that domain. I'm not sure how Active Directory will act if the A record pointing to the DC is changed to point externally.

Has anyone removed all A records for and added one to point externally without issues?
It doesn't matter if the solution is right or wrong on this site. Only that the user likes the answer is all thats required.
Answers here aren't verified, guaranteed answers....all we can give is suggestions for the person to try. If it works, then accept it. If it doesn't, then don't.
chrisgoodeAuthor Commented:
I accepted the answers given to end the question.  Whether or not the answers are correct or make sense doesn't matter.  The answer has been accepted and people need to stop posting to this issue.
This is a forum and we will post as much as we like. You'll just have to get over that and deal with it. Now go back to sleep.
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