notifyIcon.Text property does not show '&' char

I want to set notifyIcon.Text property to "M&G"

notifyIcon.Text = "M&G";

But when I point the mouse over the notify icon I see only "MG"
Why is that? How can I set it to the text I want with '&' char?
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you need to use a backslash before hand I think:

so it'd be:

notifyIcon.Text = "M\&G";

Try that and see if it works!
I guess that it is because the & character is used to highligh a letter for fast access

for example in word you press alt and then f and it opens the file submenu.

Try with && instead and it should work

Hope this helps

Actually, on checking that - that answer is wrong... sorry,

I'm not sure what sort of control you are using for : notifyIcon, but if this happened in a label (for example)

label1.text = "M&B";    //displays 'MB'

if you have this beforehand:

label1.UseMnemonic = false;

it will display properly, so you probably need this:

notifyIcon.UseMnemonic = false;
notifyIcon.Text = "M&B"; //displays 'M&B'
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glowasAuthor Commented:
I just tried your suggestion
notifyIcon.Text = "M\&G";

Unfortunately it is not working
When mouse cursor is over notifyIcon the text shows:
Yep, I thought it might be an escape character, but I was wrong - tinchos got it bang on the head.
Using '&&' instead of just '&' will solve your prob, the 'UseMnemonic' thing will work as well, but it's no where near as concise.
glowasAuthor Commented:
notifyIcon.UseMnemonic is not a property of System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon ????
Sorry glowas

Did you try with what I suggested?
Ahh, I wasn't sure, use the '&&' answer of Tincho that'll solve it
glowasAuthor Commented:
notifyIcon.Text=notifyIcon.Text.Repleace("&", "&&");

does not work as well???

I am getting MG but this time G is underlined
Have you just tried:
notifyIcon.Text = "M&&G";
glowasAuthor Commented:
for now I do this:
notifyIcon.Text=notifyIcon.Text.Repleace("&", " and ");
 But it is not what I want.

"M and G"
I had that problem once and it's like this

if you write G then your G appears normal
if you write &G then your G appears underlined (as a shorcut - See post before)
if you write &&G then you get &G

Check what is it that you're getting

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But why mess around with all the 'text.replace' stuff, why not just set it to "M&&G" initially?
glowasAuthor Commented:
I just did try notifyIcon.Text = "M&&G";


I see  MG and G is underlined....  :-((((
What type of control is notifyIcon?
That's strange I tried with that and worked for me...........

notifyIcon.Text = "M&&G";

and I see "M&G"


make sure there are no spaces in between them

and just to try, try adding another &, but I'm surprised to see that it is not working as I suggested earlier
glowasAuthor Commented:
I don't understand that, but I just tried
notifyIcon.Text = "M&&&G";

and it works

I see "M&G"

Sincerely glowas, I don't know what to tell you............

It worked for me with only two &........ cant figure out why it worked for you with three of them.

Anyway.... glad it worked.........

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