m520 ram update

i was reading the question with simoneprr about the problem they had with the 64mb sdram they were trying to pu tinto their pc chips m520 with the i430vx-2a59ht5bc-00 chipset. now the reason i was interested is....i removed 64mb of the edo crap and attempted to install 64mb pc100. unlike simonprr, mine worked, but like you reported......it only recognized 16mb of it.....although, with that 16, it ran faster than the 64mb of edo. now...it could be that the jumpers were set at 3.3v even when using the edo ram. but i wanted to know if its possible that even though it recognizes only 16mb, does it maybe use the entire chip?
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 If a SDRAM module is installed in the DIMM socket, jumper JP7 must be set to 3.3V
 JP7 - DIMM Socket Voltage Selectors
 1 - 2        5.0V        FP MODE/EDO DRAM
 2 - 3        3.3V        SDRAM (SYNC. DRAM)

jtrageAuthor Commented:
im well aware of that.....what my question was....is it possible that the motherboard only identifies 16mb of a 64mb chip, but still uses the entire 64mb?....
Might need double sided dimm?
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>>>16mb of a 64mb chip<<<   Usually it will only use what it sees.  You need to figure out why it only sees 16meg.
 Digging through some notes, it seems that the i430vx chipset only supports a 66MHz max bus speed. It probably doesn't like the PC100 very much. You can try different PC100's and see if you can find some the will underclock to your systems liking, or get some PC66 SDRAM, which should work with no problem.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
FYI, the issue is known with the 430VX chipset:


Now the DIMMS supported in your system are as follows:  PC66 SDRAM 3.3v Max. 64Mb modules.  Match up the contacts on the board with the contacts on the ram (ie: gold contacts on the board, get gold contacts on the ram.  Same goes if it's tin, get tin. . .)

I'm pretty sure a 4Mx16 configuration of DIMMs (pc66) will work for you if you just search for them.  maximum 64Mb in size though and your board has a 128Mb maximum limit.  
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Here's some more stats on  your board:  Although it has a maximum memory limit of 128Mb, that's only if you're using EDO RAM in the SIMM slots.  When using SDRAM, it has a maximum memory limit of 64Mb (one PC66 DIMM)

        - Award Bios id string   08/26/96-i430VX-2A59Ht5BC-00
        - 4-72 pin SIMM slots  (8-128MEG FPM/EDO)
        - 1-168pin DIMM slot   (8-64MEG DRAM/SDRAM/EDO)
          Additional notes on this board available by email request
        - 3-32bit PCI Bus slots
        - 4-16bit ISA slots
        - 160pin 256K/512K pipeline cache COAST 3.0+ module optional
        - AWARD Auto-Detect Flash Bios with Energy Mgmt.
        - Supports LBA Mode Control & Large Disk DOS Compatibility.
        - Green PC Connector
        - PS/2 Mouse Connector
        - USB connectors
        - Intel Triton PCIset SB82437VX chipset
        - DALLAS DS12887A Real Time Clock with builtin cmos battery
        - P55c Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) optional
        - Supports 3.3v/3.5v CPU's and clock speeds 1.5x/2x/2.5x/3x.
        - 321pin ZIF socket 7 which supports these processors:
          INTEL Pentium P54C-75/90/100/120/133/166/180/200 MHz, P55C w/VRM
          Cyrix/IBM 6x86 P120+/P150+/P166+, AMD K5 PR75~PR166 CPUs
        - Supports 50/60/66 MHz external clock speeds
        - Multi-I/O chip supports:
          2 PCI Enhanced IDE Ports (Supports 4 Devices PIO 0-4)
          2 High Speed Serial Ports (16550 UART Compatible)
          1 Enhanced Parallel Port (SPP, EPP, ECP capable)
          1 Floppy Drive Port (Supports 2 Floppy Drives)
        - Manufactured by: 1437 Hsing Tech Enterprise Co., LTD.
        - Sold as: Ability, Amptron, Aristo, Eurone/Matsonic, Houston Tech,
                       PCWare(Alton), Protac, PcChips, and Sybercom

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jtrageAuthor Commented:
i guess i should have mentioned that the ram was a pc66/100 type ram.....but i didnt know about the metal matching......thats an interesting bit info.....ill have to keep that in mind for future upgrades.....in any case....i was just really curious about the whole thing which is what brought me here to you all......i thank you all for your support on this.....since its not my board (sister-in-laws kids) im not real concerned since there is 64mb of edo ram in it anyway, i just wanted to know why the sd didnt work .......you have all helped me.....thanks again...
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Thanks for accepting an answer, jtrage.

Hey Chicagoan and Coral47, I figure you should get something for your input here too -  I'll make a "points for" question for your assistance.  Go post in there and I'll give ya some.
jtrageAuthor Commented:
hey now thats awesome.......i was wondering how it was that would happen.....since you all gave me some valuable info.....i didnt find it fair that only one was gonna get the points......didnt think there was anything i could do about it though.......if it were up to me, id give all of you all my points, but then, i wouldnt be able to ask any more questions.......lol.....oh well.....im always in need......thanks again.....will talk to you all soon.....you can count on it....lol
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
no problem.  In the future though, there is always the option to 'split points'.  You'll find an option to split points just above the box you comment in when your question is open.  if you choose that option, then you can assign various point levels to various people in the Q.  FYI, it's a minimum of 20 points per person, and they have to add up to the number of points in the question . . .

Take care,

jtrage: Glad to help. We will be here.    : )

AlbertaBeef: You shouldn't have. But since you did, I will take them with a smile and a warm Thank You.
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