Norton Ghost Bootable CD Rom

I use Norton Ghost to inflate all my images to new compaq evo's and hp vectra machines. I currently use network bootable floppy disk to inflate ghost images accross the network. I would like to a Norton Ghost bootable cd rom that will allow me to inflate ghost images stored on cd rom to use with Micron Transport GX laptop which does not have a floppy drive, and the usb floppy drives destroys the floppy disk when used. I created the bootable floppies adding the usb and serial support drivers and the floppy disk still gets destroyed.  Any suggestions, thanks

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>floppy disk still gets destroyed

If by destroyed you mean that they work fine before you put them in that drive and then they don't when you take them out, I'd say it's time for a new floppy drive.


You can easily turn your floppy boot disk into a CD-ROM boot disc if you have a copy of Nero Burning ROM.  There is an option in Nero which allows you to create a bootable CD.  Simply choose that option and select your floppy drive as the image source (make sure your bootable floppy is in the drive) when creating the CD.  It's been a while since I made one but I don't think there's anymore to it than that.

Good luck,


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The solution I have found is located here  This is the best of the best...But you will need Ghost 8 (Ghost32.exe) for it to work. I have made these CD's they basiscally make a boot CD with the Windows OS (PE) on it. You now run Windows from a bootable CD!  No more 16bit Nic drivers. Its fast, clean and easy to use and modify to your needs.And best of all....Its  Check out the forums for PE Builder for more info

Good Luck

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You can also do it this way...once you have the drive set the way you like...what i usually do is delete temp files and internet files and such, set delete swap file on reboots, then defrag the drive, scandisk on next boot.  when the pc is ready they way you like it...create a ghost boot disk with ghost.exe on it...then make another one just like it.  edit one with these options in open up autoexec.bat
it should read something like this :
   @echo off
LH \MSCDEX.EXE /D:cd1 /D:cd2 /D:cd3 /L:Q
echo Loading...
GHOST.EXE -clone,mode=load,src=q:\cdr00001.gho,dst=1 -sure -fx
echo the restore process is complete, remove the cdrom and reset the computer

i edit the /L:Q to set the cdrom drive to q but this can be any letter
then ghost.exe -clone,mode=load,src=q:\cdr0001.gho,dst=1 -sure -fx
these are commandline switches basically its set to load q:\cdr0001.gho the image file, and blast it onto drive 1 and -sure doesnt ask any warnings it just does it...
later on when the process is done it will kick you back to the command prompt and tell you to reboot.

anyhow...once you have the two diskettes, use the unedited one to boot up and load ghost GUI and burn the drive onto a cdr will ask you for a bootable disk, insert the edited floppy into the floppy, and insert a blank cdr into the cdrom drive.  once the process is complete then your all done.

Dear sir,
I donot think it is that much trouble to boot from CD and again from network resource which is a bulk process and time taking. Copy the ghost.exe file into your system. Make an windows98 bootable CD. Remove the file like himem.sys and all keep only and config.sys,mscdex.exe etc., which are less than 560KB copy 0.97MB ghost.exe file into that floppy and boot with this floopy in the system which u have to create image of the disk. U need  batchfile to be placed as autoexec.bat. If u r intersted mail to me. Two CD can create win2k professional easily.
This will give the answer to your question.

I have a quick question to keep this thread alive.. ahha serously though, I've made boot cds w/ ghost 7.5 and they've worked great on all my newer dell pcs; however, these same cds on older pcs fail to boot.  In fact, they try to boot from the cd, but I get a bunch of weird characters and the cd just fails to boot.  These has happened on several old PCs i.e., Gateway GP, Compaq Presario 7360 to name a few, yet great on Dell Optiplexes and Dimensions... any ideas, or should I make a new thread?
I have been trying to create bootable CD images that can be booted from USB CDROM/DVD. I have used DOS based USB mass storage drivers like DUSE and the Panasonic generic USB mass storage drivers. Everything seems to work fine until the USB mass storage drivers are loaded. At that time, all "legacy USB" devices like the USB floppy and USB keyboard stop functioning becuase the USB mass storage driver has taken control of the USB controller. One option is to use a PS2 keyboard and an IDE floppy driver. These devices seem to continue to function after the USB mass storage driver has loaded. In my situation, however, I only have USB floppy and keyboard available. My workaround has been to use a batch file that allows the user to abort the ghost image install by pausing for a period of time and instructing the user to disconnect the USB mass storage device that has the ghost image. This will cause the batch file to error becuase it cannot continue processing the batch file. The system can then be restarted by cycling the power (Ctrl-Alt-Del will not work becuase the keyboard is inoperative).

I use an enhanced DOS shell replacement (4DOS (free from JPSoftware that allows greater control of batch files (e.g., delays, menus, screen colors, etc.).

There is a lot of good information about bootable CDs at
koo390, could you email me a few hints here, or some more details?  I have an identical situation - no PS2 on the system, have to use USB for keyboard, mouse, floppy.  Has IDE CD.  Trying to attach external mass storage and it does just what you described- everything quits responding.  My question though, is how does a power cycle resolve the issue?  I'm not trying to clone from attached storage, I need to write the image TO the attached storage...  any help would be great!  (I know, what a lame email address... I've had it for 10 years and it's the only one I've kept active )

The power cycle described is the only way to shut down or reboot the system since the keyboard cannot issue a Ctrl-Alt-Del. It doesn't resolve the issue of the USB mass storage drivers disabling the legacy USB devices.

I have not tried to clone an image to an external USB CDRW and I'm not sure it can be done. If you are using Ghost, it usually knows about any writable devices attached to the system including CDRW drives. I know this is true of IDE CDRW drives but can't say for sure about USB CDRW drives. You can see if this works by adding the ghost command to the autoexec.bat file to clone the hard drive to the USB CDRW. The command line should be something like:

ghost -clone,mode=dump,src=1,dst=x:\clone.gho -sure -auto -split=680

This command makes an image of the C: drive to the CDRW file clone.gho on drive x:. You can specify the drive letter x: with the MSCDEX command. The -split=680 argument will created a CD set if the drive image spans more than one CD.

If this command works, then Ghost recognizes your USB CDRW as a writeable drive. If the command fails, Ghost probably doesn't see the USB device as writeable.

One of the big issues with using USB mass storage drivers is that the floppy drive is disabled as soon as the USB mass storage device drivers are loaded. Once that happens, the autoexec.bat file cannot continue to run and DOS execution comes to a halt. I have found that using the driver RAMFD.SYS resolves this problem. The RAMFD.SYS driver creates a RAM resident copy of the floppy drive so that the floppy is not needed any more. Once this RAM copy of the floppy is made, execution resumes from that image and when the USB mass storage device drivers are loaded, execution continues as if there was and IDE floppy attached to the system. This driver can be found at

Here is the config.sys file I use:

menuitem=USB, Boot from USB CD/DVD (Default)
menuitem=IDE, Boot from IDE CD/DVD

device=himem.sys /testmem:off


rem --- Load ASPI USB driver

rem --- Load driver for USB memory stick or hard disk devices

rem --- Load drivers for USB CDROM/DVD devices
devicehigh=usbcd1.sys /d:usbcdrom

devicehigh=oakcdrom.sys /d:usbcdrom

shell /e:1024 /p


Here is the autoexec.bat file:

@echo off

mscdex.exe /s /d:USBcdrom /M:15 /L:R /v

rem --- Set utility version values
set Version=1.00
set PnVersion=0100

rem --- Announce thyself
echo                             CD/DVD Image Load Utility
echo                                   Version %Version%

set CdDrive=R:
rem --- Give the use a chance to abort the load...
echo To abort loading of this image, disconnect the USB device in the next 20 seconds
wait 20

rem --- Go to CD volume and start image load process
ghost -clone,mode=dump,dst=1,src=x:\clone.gho -sure -auto

rem --- Check for errors
if errorlevel 1  goto LoadError
echo Image Loaded Successfully...
echo Disconnect USB storage device and restart system
goto Finish

echo An error was detected during installation of this disk image. The target
echo system is unusable unless this loading process completes successfully.
echo This utility will now attemp to reload the image successfully...
goto LoadImage

rem --- Normal exit

I hope this information helps.
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