Replacement for WinGate proxy

I have a customer (a church) who is currently using a licensed WinGate 3x and they are pretty happy with that functionality. We have to move the proxy to a new system, but the setup files are corrupted. I tried to get a older version from the WinGate website, but the 'new' company Qbik apparently doesn't have an archive, nor do they respond in their forum and they answer requests only for money. Clearly one more good product that will disappear eventually because lack of support :-(

I am looking for a free or low price proxy to replace WinGate on their system. No need for fancy features, this is not a corporate environment (some type of URL ban list would be great).

Please post only proxies you have experience with.

Thanks for your suggestions

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1) I'm pretty sure I have archives of Wingate.  If need be, I can probably send you a copy.  I make it a habit of backing things like this up just in case the older version that I licensed is not available anymore and I don't like to be forced into an upgrade.

2) I used to use WinGate in a similar situation but found that a standalone DSL/Cable router did verything WinGate did and a lot more for a whole lot less money.  I ended up replacing our 10 user WinGate license (which wase about $150 to upgrade as I recall) with a $39.95 NetGear MR314 Cable/DSL/wired/wireless router unit.  The nice thing is since I installed it more than a year ago, I've not had to touch it even once.  WinGate needed almost weekly care and feeding.

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griesshAuthor Commented:
1) Woww, that would be wonderful ... I have copies of my software, too, but I started with WinGate 4. If you have a 3.x 32bit version I'd appreciate an email ( see my profile)

2)The setup isn't that easy ... the proxy is used for the "Kid's Lab", so I'm not even sitting on the DSL line, they want to protect those computers from misuse without running anything on the PCs themselves. For that reason WIngate is running on the teacher's PC. For Wingate itself ... since version 5 I love(d) it. I am running it at home with a minimum of maintenance. But as I said already, they are trying to destroy it :-)


Here's what I found from a 1999 backup:

03/29/1999  09:40 AM         1,169,415 WGNTCLNT.EXE
03/29/1999  09:42 AM         2,535,700 WINGT39X.EXE
03/29/1999  09:45 AM         2,526,381 WINGT3NT.EXE

As I recall, in Wingate 3.x there was the server part for either Win9x or NT4 and the WinGate Client.

Let me know which you need and I can email them to you.

If anyone else is interested, I can probably put them up somewhere.  

Note that these are "shareware" and are permitted to be distributed freely.
griesshAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the files.

Since there wasn't any other comment here, I will close this question.

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