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Javascript code to disable enter key doesn't work in Netscape

The code below does not work in Netscape 7+ (does work in IE). How do I work around this?

   <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
          document.onKeyDown = function keyPress(evt)
               var keyCode =
               document.layers ? evt.which :
               document.all ? event.keyCode :
               document.getElementById ? evt.keyCode : 0;
               if (keyCode == 13)
                   return false;
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1 Solution

To capture keystrokes, it's a little different in IE and Netscape (of course). Here is code which will work in either browser:

document.onkeypress = getKey;
function getKey(keyStroke) {
   var keyCode = (document.layers) ? keyStroke.which : event.keyCode;
   var keyString = String.fromCharCode(keyCode).toLowerCase();

Your form's onKeyDown event should then simply call getKey() to enter the function.

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