Black bars on sides when recording video

Hi, I'm running XP Pro with a radeon 8500dv AIW.

Radeon Info:
Catalyst Version: 03.9
2D Version:
Package Version: 9.95-031028m...

Recently upgraded to MMC 8.7 (ATI's multimedia package with comes with a ''TV" program)

My radeon has an input pod which allows me to plug in composite video and audio which I use to capture from my satellite. Previously, when recording, I would get perfect video but now whenever I record I get a thin bar on the left of the video and a slightly larger one on the right. Say again, these bars arent on top an bottom (like 16:9 or widescreen bars) but on the left and right. I've tried 3 different capture programs, all different resolutions/bit rates/interlaced/de-interlaced..... nothing seems to get rid of them. Any ideas?
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brodeyAuthor Commented:
I've tried restoring previous drivers, removing the newer version of MMC and all that stuff. I'm back with the config mentioned above with the same problem. How can I get rid of these bars on the left and right?!

BTW - It turns out, there is an option in my preview mode to crop video. If i uncheck that option, i see the bars on left and right in my display or preview window too! That and now there is a very very fine line of what seems to be garbage and the very top of the video running horizontally.
I've managed to get this from the ATI website which address the problem you are having and suggests some fixes.
Take a look at:

Hope that does the trick :-)
brodeyAuthor Commented:
that's exactly the problem I'm having, however I know I can crop it through settings to view it "live" without any bars, but recording without the bars coming up is another story. If I try to record the video in a "cropped" mode, there is an entire frame of black around all sides (as if the video was put inside of a picture frame with black borders)

There's gotta be some resolution to the issue since it worked at one time before...
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This is just TV safe.  It happens in both composite and S-video.  That same signal is going into the TV as well, but TVs automatically crop that off (and more).  As for it recording with those still there, I'm not sure.
Have you tried checking the cables just to make sure they are connected properally?
More importantly, did you upgrade your version of the Catalyst or DirectX drivers recently which might be the cause of the problems.
You might also want to check the TV Aspect Ration settings, normally TV is sent using 4:3.
brodeyAuthor Commented:
Yep, running DX9.0, Latest Catylst drivers for my card and the AR is 4:3

I switched my video cable to a "monster" cable but no difference.

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You should try using an older version of DirectX such as DirectX 8.  Not sure if you've done this or not.
If it doesnt work then I see no problems in deleting this question.
Hope you can get the problem fixed.
brodeyAuthor Commented:
problem was resolved with ATI's new drivers (released on 12/17/03) and their new MMC 8.8 just released as well.

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