Dell Latitude CPx Laptop will not POST

I have a Dell Latitude laptop that all of a sudden will not POST. It will "turn on" for a few seconds then turn right back off again. I have removed all of the perhiprials and I am running the computer off of the AC line.

Sometimes the computer will boot and get all the way to the desktop, but it will freeze in the first 10 minutes and then will not POST after that.

Please help me find a starting place to troubleshoot this thing!
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since you already took it apart, is the CPU fan running?  Or is it a fan that does run all the time?
It defenetly sounds like a heat problem due to the fact that you can boot up sometimes and then freeze and then it won't come back on.
CodiakAuthor Commented:
CPU fan runs. It doesnt really get hot at all. Thinking it may be a power/BIOS related problem.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
I have had similar problems on a Compaq Presario notebook.  It would lockup in bios....lock up in windows....lock up during post test...didnt matter where or wehn....2 minutes...30 seconds.....5 minutes....and usually not more than 10 minutes.
My laptops problem was the motherboard.
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I would guess that you don't have any extra RAM laying around b/c it is notebook RAM.  I would if you could switch out the RAM and see if that does anything.  It could be several things:


I would not think that it is the p/s because it will sometimes boot.  If the p/s was bad it would not work at all or it would try to boot but fail all the time.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
We had HUNDREDS of these Dell Latitude CP.. series.  CPx, CPi, CPi-A . . .  I 'm so glad to be rid of them.

We had to have replaced (under warranty) lots of these motherboards for these models, and it wouldn't suprise me if Wakeup is correct that it's the motherboard.
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CodiakAuthor Commented:
Nope its still open. After $300 in motherboard replacment costs, $100 for a new power brick, and $50 for a new hard drive, it still will not boot.

From what I have read on the Dell forums this is a common problem with CPxJ and CPxH laptops. Any resolution would be appreciated.
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