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data types

I am wanting to parse a text file,

the text file will be parsed into smaller 'blocks' of text and passed into another class.

What would be the best method of passing these blocks of text.

I know a 'string' is too small, is there something like a 'memo' that can hold more text?

2 Solutions
You can hold quite a bit of data in a string if you use an array. You could also split() the text on the "." so that each sentence would be an element of this array.
calebSAuthor Commented:
the file will look as below, with multiple (about 23) 'type' section (the type section being everything I have include except the first 3 lines). I want to pass the entire 'type' section into a class.


I really want to pass it as an entire block.

Is it possible to pass reference to the start and end positions within the textfile itself?

//my data file below.
STYLE "Harvard"

TYPE "Book"
    ADD _Title            (0, "Title:", LABELLEFT, 320, LABELWIDTH_LG, TEXTLEFT, 260, TEXTWIDTH_LG, "", True)
    ADD _AUTHOR            (1, "Author/s:", LABELLEFT, 620, LABELWIDTH_LG, TEXTLEFT, 560, TEXTWIDTH_LG, "Seperate additional authors with a colon (;)", True)
    ADD _Publisher      (2, "Publisher:", LABELLEFT, 920, LABELWIDTH_LG, TEXTLEFT, 860, TEXTWIDTH_LG, "", True)
    ADD _Location      (3, ElectronicLocation, LABELLEFT, 1220, LABELWIDTH_LG, TEXTLEFT, 1160, TEXTWIDTH_LG, "", True)
    ADD _Year            (4, "Year Published:", LABELLEFT, 1520, LABELWIDTH_LG, TEXTLEFT, 1460, TEXTWIDTH_SM, "", True)
    ADD _Page            (5, "Page Number:", LABELLEFT, 1820, LABELWIDTH_LG, TEXTLEFT, 1760, TEXTWIDTH_SM, "", True)
    ADD _Volume            (6, "Volume:", LABELMIDLEFT, 1820, LABELWIDTH_SM, TEXTMIDLEFT, 1760, TEXTWIDTH_SM, "", True)
    ADD _Accessed      (7, "Accessed:", LABELLEFT, 2120, LABELWIDTH_LG, TEXTLEFT, 2060, TEXTWIDTH_MED, "", EnableIfElectronic)

      If _Translator "(Translated by ~_Translator~.)"
      If _ForeignLanguage "(Translated from ~_ForeignLanguage~ .)"
      If _ForeignLanguage/_Translator "(Translated from ~_ForeignLanguage~ by ~_Translator~.)"

      If _LimitedCirc "(Available from ~_LimitedCirc~)"

      If _Abstract "(Abstract)"

      If _Revised "~_Revised~ edition."

      If _Chapter "~_Chapter~ in"

      If _Editor "(Editor)."
      If _Editor(multiple) "(Editors)."

<f>_Author<n> +AuthorType (_Year). +Chapter<i> _Title.<n> +Abstract +Revised +TranslatedWork _Location:_Publisher +LimitedCirc

If _ForeignTitle
<f>_Author<n> +AuthorType (_Year). +Chapter<i> _ForeignTitle <n>[_Title]. +Abstract +Revised +TranslatedWork _Location:_Publisher +LimitedCirc

Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Why do you think a String would be too small?

From the VB Help File: "A variable-length string can contain up to approximately 2 billion (2^31) characters."

A string would certainly hold one of your type sections, and probably your entire file.

Or...you could read the file one line at a time and the lines of text to a collection.  You could start a new collection one a new type section is encountered.  Then you can just pass the collection to your initialise() method.

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calebSAuthor Commented:

I actually didn't try.
I simply remember having major problems trying to use a large string some time ago.
Perhaps because I was using VBA in Word97.
I am sure it would only let me have 256 characters.


Reference your sample data posted:
1. Is this what the whole file looks like?
2. Is each block seperated by a blank line?
3. If answer to (2) is no then how do you determine the start and end of a block?

If this is the case then I can help...

Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Have you solved your problem yet?

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