how do you detect yahoo pool aimers?

i was wondering if there was any possible way to detect of a yahoo pool player was using an auto aimer. i am asking this due to it being illegal on cases ladder.

thank you, stacey
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Unless you have a good view of their computer monitor, you're out of luck.  Only your intuition and analysis of their scores can help you.  The same goes for detecting cheating in chess, literati, or any other game.

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spacey_girl2002Author Commented:
ok thx crazycomputers. i was just trying to find out if there was a way but i guess there isnt unless u know wat ur lookin for.  
Wojciech DudaCommented:
You should accept his comment as an answer as "No, it is not possible." is also a suitable answer.
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watch carefully how they play.

if they are say a newbie who is having some extreme beginners look, allways getting each shot perfectly right then its possible, especialy if at some times they play absolutely terriable.  But overall, like crazycomputers said, without being able to see if they are putting a ruler on the screen or something then you have to work it out.  the time they take to make shots can help also.
question needs closing though!
Putting a ruler on the screen is perfectly legal.  When you are playing billiards on a real table, you are allowed to use your cue stick as a "ruler" to line up your shot.

Using computer assistance, however, is not legal.
really i didnt actually know that it was legal.  i had been told by several people it was cheating, but i suppose ur right u can aim in real life
the other stuff still stands for whatever method though, like using a computer program or whatever
They may consider it "cheating," but they really mean "it's a cheap way to win."  Sort of like some people's view *COUGH*MINE*COUGH* of using a bridge in billiards - it's cheap.
although it seems determined its not possible, i thing crazy computers and me should get half points each coz we did give correct answers.

dale_hopkinson & crazycomputers,

I hate 20 point questions because I can't recommend a split :-).

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