Adding a Win2k Server to an existing NT4 Domain- can see entire network but can only access the nt4 server.

Hi all... hopefully i can keep this short n sweet.  

Basically we have an existing NT4 Server as our only domain controller.  We have a new VOIP (voice over IP) phone switch that is running on a new Win2k Server.  

I want to add the W2k Server to the existing NT4 domain..

However,  When i right click "my computer" [properties] [network id tab] and go to "rename this computer or join a domain" there is no "network identification wizard" like there is on the Win2k PRO version which allows me to connect to the existing domain.

I did it anyways...  I specified the domain name to connect to ...went to our nt4 server and made a username/password... then came back down to the new Win2k Server

When I double clicked "my network places" and navigated to my existing domain... it was there.. I can see all of the computers on the network and the NT4 Server.   I double clicked the NT4 Server and it prompted me for a password... so i put in the username and pass that i created earlier and i was able to access all the files on the server....

Heres the problem...

I get prompted for usernames and passwords for every other computer on the network that I try to access... if i was "truely" on the domain, Id be able to double click any computer in my domain and at least see their shared folder and printers folder.

In W2K Pro, you create a user on the local machine and can set them up as an administrator to the local machine and set that profile to logon to a domain controller....

In W2k Server,  I dont see an ability to do this...  Ultimately  I want the default "Administer" account to log on to our domain...


Create a new local user account with local administrative privelages that logs on to our existing domain.  and i dont see anywhere to do this since the network setup wizard is gone.

Thank you!!!

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did you create a machine account for the w2k box?
Hi Datazing,

First of all,  - before waisting a lot of time, check that your W2K server will run in an NT 4.0 domain:

On the W2k Server, start the help and search for "change the domain mode" (keep the quotes).

Check if you can change the domain mode to native mode, - if you can then DON'T!

If you can't , then the W2K server cannot co-function in a domain with NT 4.0 servers, - this is an irreversible situation.

Kind regards,
Sven, w2k server can be a member server in an NT domain :~)
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Steven (sorry to see you've hurt your nose !?),

> Sven, w2k server can be a member server in an NT domain :~)

 - yes, as a member server or or as domain controller in a mixed domain model. If it has changed to native mode this indicates that it is running W2K domain model with AD:

"Do not change domain mode if you have or will have any Windows NT 4.0 domain controllers. You can only change the mode from mixed mode to native mode. Once a domain is running in native mode, it cannot be changed back to mixed mode. "

DatazingAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys!  Ill do a bit more poking around.  

Stevenlewis- you asked if i created a "machine account for the W2k box"...   I created a new username/password/profile on the NT4 Server.  I used that U&P when i double clicked my NT4 server in network places when it prompted me for the U&P.  thanks for the link ill check it tomorrow morning when i come back to work.

also I wouldnt care about this being on the domain so much if we werent running Norton Corporate edition and running logon scripts for virus definitions.  

Also, we are a Shoreline VOIP dealer and its a fairly new product to us so this machine will be in a lot of demos which will need to access network resources.  

BTW.. The Shoreline VOIP switches just RAWK CISCO :-)  check em out!!!
DatazingAuthor Commented:
Sven, why would some 2k servers work in native mode whilst others wont?
DatazingAuthor Commented:
Sven, why would some 2k servers work in native mode whilst others wont?
DatazingAuthor Commented:
Ah Sven,

I forgot to mention that i never set up Active Directory.   I configured this server under "One or more servers are already running in my network"  under "configure your server"
Sven, that's just my smiley emoticon, got tired of the :-)
Datazing, check to see if the machine has an account, both the user and the machine must have accounts
"Basically we have an existing NT4 Server as our only domain controller.  We have a new VOIP (voice over IP) phone switch that is running on a new Win2k Server."

The most important statement you made was here! :) 

This URL will give you insight as to how to setup Active Directory on the W2K server Box.

The second URL is your real gem, then I'll try to explain why, and what your solution may be.

DNS, DNS, DNS!  My Network Architecture prof used to say this all the time, and what you need to do is:

1.  Read the above pages in the URLs above real close.

2.  Realize that Microsoft has made it very difficult to integrate earlier OSes with New ones.

3.  Run dcpromo.exe on the W2k box.  Throughout dcpromo, indicate that this W2K server is not the PDS (W2K there is NO PDC, all servers are peers! VERY important).  You will not be implementing Active Directory. And in your DNS server setup, point the W2k box to that domain on the NT4 box.  Indicate you are a BDC.

This will get you started and may just solve all your probs.  I dunno.  But I am fully aware of the problem you face.


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DatazingAuthor Commented:
Man, I cant wait to get to work in the morning!!  I think you fully understand the issue at hand and I cant wait to read the threads!!  

Youre right.. I have no need to set up Active Directory on this machine...

Its simply a box that runs a program called Shoreware Director... and that program reqires Server 2000.

In no way does this 2000 Server need to control any domains or create new ones.  It being a VOIP programming box has no relevance either.  Most of our current customers that have this Server integrated into their networks dont even add it to their domains.. simply because they only use it to program the VOIP Switches and handle voicemail programming which resides on the box itself... so they usually just leave it alone in its own workgroup... however since this one is going to be our "In house" switch used for demos and such, I WANT to put it on our existing NT4 domain so its Norton AV client protects us if we ever need to surf the net or let one of our customers configure a pop email account to check their email at lunch or whatever.

If I could install Shoreware Director on 2k Pro, I would lol  it would be so much easier!!!

Thank You all for your input.. I think this forum may just be my new home... the point system is pretty cool too :-)  After I check those links ill be sure to give everyone a heads up and once again thank you for all your timely responses.... w00t!!!

hope you got what you needed.

Just one comment on your strategy:

Be sure to inform your users that your demo-server is not the normal/default setup - people tend to expect that the product they get will work like the product they bought, - i.e. the product that was demonstrated to them.

This means that if you allow a client to use your demo-box for mail and browsing, you can be sure that a lot of them will be doing it on the box they get, - and if you haven't instructed them otherwise, there's a good chance they won't set up the proper security ;-)

DatazingAuthor Commented:
lol sven...  ive seen that happen on ummmm a couple occasions <wink>  hehe.   Gotta love salesmen.  They drive me nuts as it is...   and it seems that the sales team are the only ones who cant print and email never works.  
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