too many template arguments

i get some error like d:\Programs\VS NET\Vc7\include\resiter1.hh(29): error C2977: 'std::reverse_iterator' : too many template arguments then i try to use mysql++ made for vc++ 6.0 in visual .net

the code line is

  typedef iterator   const_iterator; //:
  typedef const std::reverse_iterator< iterator, ValueType >       reverse_iterator; //:
  typedef const std::reverse_iterator< const_iterator, ValueType >  const_reverse_iterator; //:
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-Mihai-Author Commented:
full error line :

d:\Programs\VS NET\Vc7\include\resiter1.hh(29): error C2977: 'std::reverse_iterator' : too many template arguments
        d:\Programs\VS NET\Vc7\include\xutility(723) : see declaration of 'std::reverse_iterator'
        d:\Programs\VS NET\Vc7\include\resiter1.hh(52) : see reference to class template instantiation 'const_subscript_container<OnType,ValueType,ReturnType,SizeType,DiffType>' being compiled
could you send post the section of your code that you think is causing this error?
They've changed it:
The names for some of the types defined by the Standard C++ Library reverse_iterator class have changed. Also, there are different template arguments for this class.

The following sample compiled in Visual C++ 6.0, but fails in the current version:

#include <iterator>
#include <vector>
typedef std::iterator<std::random_access_iterator_tag, char, int> random_it;

int main( )
   char c;
   // too many template args for VC7
   typedef std::reverse_iterator< random_it, char, char&, char *, int > rev_it;
   rev_it::reference_type x = c;
   rev_it::pointer_type y = 0;
   rev_it::iter_type z;

   // try the following code instead
   typedef std::reverse_iterator< random_it > rev_it;
   rev_it::reference a = c;
   rev_it::pointer b = 0;
   rev_it::iterator_type c1;

Here's the new one:
Standard C++ Library Reference  

reverse_iterator Class
The template class is an iterator adaptor that describes a reverse iterator object that behaves like a random-access or bidirectional iterator, only in reverse. It enables the backward traversal of a range.

template <class Iterator>
The type that represents the iterator to be adapted to operate in reverse.
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-Mihai-Author Commented:
can you modify the code i pasted to work in visual .net ?
Not without the source that shows how it's being used...
-Mihai-Author Commented:
well i use mysql++ api for visual c 6.0 (there its not a version for net too :<)

could you please look on it ?
I just downloaded it from here:
and noted that sqlplusint\resiter1.hh has the correct usage.

Perhaps that a more recent version than the one you're using?

-Mihai-Author Commented:
You mean you had no problems with that API in visual .net ?

well, i see that you downloaded a version for linux ...
Oops, I did get the wrong one, didn't I.

Well, I compared the two sets of .hh files and found no other references to reverse_iterator, so, I'd be tempted to just replace the VC definition with the Linux definition:

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There are also differences in subscript_iterator too, but, like the other one, there were no references to it from any other .hh in either of the to flavors, so, see what happens if you just replace the VC resiter.hh with the linux one. From that archive, it's in directory 'sqlplusint'.
Having any success?
-Mihai-Author Commented:
Nope, can you modify them for me please ?
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