Looking for a VB.NET Replacement for the DriveList Control

The title pretty much says it all.  I'm working on a project where I need to select a drive to scan and would like something a little more graphical than putting drive letters in a ComboBox.  If the solution is in a language other than VB, I will need help implementing it.  Hopefully this is pretty simple but I need to get the answer pretty quickly.  That's why I'm offering the high number of points.

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You can use the DirListBox.

Rightclick your Toolbar while in designmode, choose Add/Remove items and select 'DirListBox'.
Now you will see it in your toolbar and you can drag it onto your form.

gandalf97Author Commented:
I found something called "DirList" but not "DirListBox".  When I added it to the toolbox it went on OK but didn't have an icon.  Trying to drag it to my form gave me the error "Library not Registered".  I also looked under the additional MS controls but didn't see "DirListBox".  So, I'm still stuck.

What VS version are you using? 2002 or 2003?
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It's in the Global Assembly Cache (2003).
gandalf97Author Commented:
OOPs!  I forgot to thank you for the help.  Apologies.

If it matters, I am using VS.NET as my development environment, version 7.0.something and version 1.0 of the .NET Framework.

Hmm, that could be it.
I am using framework 1.1.

btw : no need for apologies ;-)
You can list drives to Listbox

 Dim dirInfo As System.IO.Directory
    Dim drive As String
    Dim drives() As String = dirInfo.GetLogicalDrives()
    For Each drive In drives

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gandalf97Author Commented:
So, if the control is in the Global Assembly Cache, would upgrading my Framework to 1.1 do the trick or do I need to upgrade my entire Visual Studio? :-(

Thanks for the tip on adding the drives to a regular listbox.  I was hoping that I could do something that showed icons on the list depending on what drive type it was.  That's why I was looking for that control.

gandalf97Author Commented:
After researching this further, MS says that the DriveListBox control has been replaced by the OpenFileDialog control in VB.NET.  Somewhere else I read that the rationale behind this is because the control was used to drill down into directories and eventually open files... thus the OpenFileDialog replaces 3 controls.  If all I want is a nice graphical way to select a disk drive, will the OpenFileDialog work?  I don't have VS at work to check.  Thanks.
Sure, the OpenFileDialog will work and you will see all files as well.
You can even add filters on what files to show.

But migrating to Framework 1.1 has nothing to do with VS.
You can install it no problem.

The only thing is that some application that are built on 1.0 can give some errors. A recompile will fix that.
I had this once.

Take a look here:

Maybe you can use it.

Any progress here?
gandalf97Author Commented:
I'm looking into alternatives but it looks like the "best" answer for me may be to create my own control.  I'll probably have more time todayt to work on this.

Why do you want to create your own control?
Didn't our examples work?
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