Outlook 98..........won't reinstall

I've had to do a complete reinstall (low level format) of my entire system. When it came time to reinstall my Outlook 98 I get the following message...

"outlook 98 and internet explorer 4.01 were not successfully installed"

This occurs right when file copying is about to start. I've been running it successfully on XP home for over 2 months. The message suggests the installation has completed but something was left out.  However this is a red X error screen that completely halts the installation.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAsked:
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check out this link, it does talk about XP.
but i thought u might get some hint where the problem lies.

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Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
thanks........but I don't see the link.
I would suggest installing a version of IE before trying to install OL98.
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Greetings, Treasur2!

Outlook 98 sometimes does not work with Windows XP.  Completely uninstall Outlook 98. Remove all traces.  Turn off all background programs, including ad-blocker and anti-virus, and win doctor. Now try the install.

If still does not work, you may need to upgrade Outlook to 2000 or higher.

Best wishes, war1
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
IE 6 is part of the XP install. Frankly I would think uninstalling IE 6 (if I could) would be a better bet.  

I've rebooted, shut down anitvirus .......yeah all that stuff. Nothing.

What I'd really like is for shivsa to post the link. I'd dearly love it. Does anyone know how to email him/her?
>> I would think uninstalling IE 6 (if I could) would be a better bet.  

You cannot get rid of IE6. You can reinstall it.  Here is how

Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
Thanks but IE isn't broke that I can tell. My comment was tung in cheek.  I would very much like to read some formal material on Outlook 98's problem with XP.
OL98's problem with XP is simple - old software on a brand new OS.  They just don't get along too well together.  If it ran well at one time, that was probably because it was an XP upgrade and it already had some of the older DLLs that OL98 is looking for.  If you have done a clean install of XP then those won't be there.  Why not just break bad and spend $130 on the Office 2003 Student/Teacher edition at Sam's Club (www.samsclub.com)?  That is what I just did.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
I've installed XP new 4 times on 3 different machines doing troubleshooting or testing of other things. All............. included Outlook 98.  I have Office 97 that includes Outlook 97. IT EVEN WORKS.  I bought a copy of Outlook 2000 on ebay for $35. I'll be using OE 6.0 until it arrives.
I have tried to install Office97 on both of my XP machines unsuccessfully.
By the way, you could have added $100 to that and purchased Word2003, Excel2003, PowerPoint2003, and OL2003 from Sam's Club.
We identified the problem, compatiblity between Outlook 98 and Windows XP.
Do you get the feeling that this person is a bit PO'd that we couldn't provide a magic solution?
Treasure2 just accepted a comment that is not an answer.

Moderator, would you delete this question.  I don't want a wrong answer in the database.
I do not which link i choose from my searches.
and sorry for not following up, today i check my mails.

but may be these were the links.
Microsoft Outlook 98
When you install Outlook 98, the system displays the following error message: "Outlook and IE4.01 Domestic Security Patch | Error creating process <%System Root%\sys32x86\regsvr32.exe /s %System Root%\sys32x86\rsaenh.dll>. Reason: The system cannot find the file specified." Click on the OK button, and the installation continues.

After your system reboots, the system displays the following error message: "Error loading %System Root%\sys32x86\msjava.dll. The specified module could not be found." Click the OK button. You can successfully launch and run Outlook 98.

Dear Treasur2,
Please choose answer if it helped u understanding anything or solve your issues. these answers are PAQed and other users will look for help if they happens to see these kind of problems as u are seeing. and they may got wrong idea about the solution.

Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
I agree......and did. I gave it to shiva
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