USB2 errors with USB2 Flashdisk after SP4 aplied


I have mobo ASUS A7V333-X, with AMD Athlon XP 1800+. There is 6 USB2 ports on the mainboard, one is used with Apacer HandySteno 2.0 256 MB USB2 flash disk. Until I have installed W2K Pro with SP3, everything works fine. Windows does not recognized Hi speed USB controller, so I have done installation from CD enclosed to mainboard. After aplying SP4, my problems begin. After connecting Flash disk to USB port, Windows does not recognize them, but the icon on  the taskbar is displayed. But explorer, FAR, Volkov Commander, shows me error reading. Then I disconnect this flash disk, and confirm message about Unsafe removal of device. The I plug disk in again, explorer shows me it as a drive X, but is empty! So I must always unplug, then plug-in this flash disk, sometimes I need 5 or 6 time to do this, until I am able to work with them. It is terrible!

I am sorry for my english. I just learn for a while.
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Afetr installing SP4 you will probably need to re-install mainboard USB drivers again.  I had a similar problem yesterday.
I experienced a few of those..... more often than not it doesn't recognize the drive until you plug it in several times,  sometimes it shows that it cannot read from the device, sometimes it says that the drive is not formatted.  I noticed it on several flash drives, and multiple systems.  I don't know if it's related to your problem, but I noticed that it occurs after I plug the device into different OS, especially with XP.  I am not sure if anything can be done here other than report the problem - I think it's in XP -  I don't have any problem with USB flash drive and W2k.  But as soon as I plug it into an XP system, it shows those type of symptoms....  Make sure you backup your flash often.

Obelix0903Author Commented:
My steps:

I tried to reinstal USB2 drivers from CD enclosed to mainboard, but problem remains.

I have extracted SP3, and replaced USB2 driver in Windows ( I found the right one in Device Manager ). Problem was not resolved.

I have done image of all my PC with DriveImage, burn it on DVD, and made clean installation of Windows XP Pro US. After that, problem was resolved. Partialy. Now I know, that there is no HW error. Problem is, that I need W2K for my Work, and I do not like Windows XP, thougt modified with desktop themes to W2K look. I found on the knowledge base on MS site this KB:
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 818826   ( Removable Storage Device Does Not Work After It Is Removed and Reinserted ) But this hotfix is not available for public download, and I think, that Premium supoport from MS is needed. It is interesting, everything works perfect with SP3. But I do not want to reinstall Windows 2000, and all of programs. It is very time consuming operation... I somedy can send me this hotfix for try, I would be glad. Thank you all.

Sorry I missed your post - mixed in too many unresponsive post.  The hotfix won't help, it's the problem with the USB plug - poor contact.  You will see what I mean, leave it plug in and see how many times your OS recognizes it on bootup.


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Thanks for the points.... I have several USB pens failed due to plugging and unplugging after a few months of usage (usually around 6 - 8).  I am going to wait until the industry recognizes that it has a problem.  Meanwhile, I just don't put anything important on there without a backup.

Good luck to you.... cheers
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