How to configure an ISA Hard modem on linux using isapnptools

Hi Everyone,

     How can I configure my ISA hard modem on linux? My modem is a Lucent ISA Venus and  I'm using Mandrake linux 9.2.

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paullamhkgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a look here to see this can help.

and you said "Isapnp command see it and my kernel suports ISA." so may be you can try the pppd to start setting the linux to call to the internet, have a check here also to set your linux box as a ppp server (ie call in your linux box as a fax server or other service) have a check here

hope this info can help you
Have a check here to see this can help
alesterAuthor Commented:
Thank you paullamhkg,

   But as I say before, my modem is a ISA HARD modem.
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What do you mean HARD modem ? Is isapnp command see it ? Is your kernel configured for ISA support ?
alesterAuthor Commented:
Helo brabard,

     I know two types of modem: The winmodem (softmodem) and the Hard modem , my modem doesn't need a special driver to run on linux . Isapnp command see it and my kernel suports ISA.

Thank you
Oh , sorry , my mistake , when you said "to configure" i heard "to install" .
I know some triks of installing isa devices , but I think can't help with postinstall options of that modem ..
alesterAuthor Commented:
The first link helps a lot,

Thanks to everyone, and specially to paullamhkg
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