Upon boot up asks to click your user name to continue, but no users are there to click on!!

Right now this one is really messed up! When you boot Windows XP Pro up it gets to the welcome screen and asks to click on your user name to continue. now this I know is perfectly normal, except there is no users to click on!!! I've tried clicking everywhere i would expect to find it but to no avail.
I have tried Ctrl-Alt-Del and this brings up the familiar Network log on and when i try to put the correct password in which incidently is blank for the Administrator brings up the following error.
The System cannot log you on due to the following error:
The Handle is Invalid.
Please try again or consult your System Administrator.
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have u tried to boot up in the SAFE MODE??
if it can boot into the safe mode...then login as ADMINISTRATOR.....then goto Control Pane>User accounts.....can u see any other user profile other than ADMINISTRATOR??

if NO.....then try to create a new user and then restart the system.....is this time also no user to click on??

if NO.....then try to repair the Windows.....boot up form the WINDOWS XP PRO cd....then when it ask u for the fresh installations or repair......press R to repair windows.....complete the installation and check if the problem is resolved or not??

try these steps and come back if the problem still persists :)

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Try pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL twice at the login screen, it should give you a prompt to type in a username and password.  See if that will accept your login.
sorry, never mind.  I see you already did that, I mis-read your question.
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Thanx ;)
that didnt help me :/ Got any other ideas ? plz
and I forgot to mention.. when I press ctrl + alt + del I dont get any network window or anything
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