help writing a query

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help. I have a database which I need
to query but I am not sure how to do it.

There are 3 fields in the table called CONTACTPARAMETER


I want the user to input their username (their email address) and
password in order to login. Here is a sample of the data in the

user_id | | 00510
password | 123456 | 00510

The form fields are user_id and password.



PS I am using coldfusion
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This is how you can do it in cf against an Oracle DB:

<cfquery name="loginQuery" dsn="yourdsn">
select cp1.serialnumber from contractparameter cp1, contractparameter cp2
where cp1.user_id = '#FORM.user_id#'
and cp1.serialnumber = cp2.serialnumber
and cp2.password = '#FORM.password#'

<cfif loginQuery.recordCount eq 1>
  Your logged in!
sorry invalid username or password


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try this, where strEmail is a user e-mail and strPWD is a password for that user:


set rst=connObj.Execute(sSQL)

if not (rst.eof and rst.bof) then

'user exists in the database
'no user found
end if
Slightly off topic:

I would STRONGLY suggest to search both strEmail and strPWD for single quotes (') and replace them with double (''). Code in VBScript would look like this
strEmail = Replace(strEmail, "'", "''")

Otherwise your code would be vulnerable to SQL injection.
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David WilliamsSoldier of fortuneCommented:
YZlat, your query will fail; you can't have any rows where PARAMETERNAME = both user_id and password!

CheekyCJ has the syntax right.

Note though, there is a presumption that the serial_number is the same for all instances of the same user? Is this valid? Otherwise, there is no way of relating a username and password to each other.

FWIW, your table design is somewhat curious; why not have the userid and password in one row?
billythehamsterAuthor Commented:
hi thanks for the input i will give it a try when I am in the office on monday. in response to your question the table design is not mine. i am building a web interface for another persons product which has a VB front end.
billythehamsterAuthor Commented:
the database is MSSQL 2000 does that make a difference?
David WilliamsSoldier of fortuneCommented:
That won't make any difference; the SQL query above is standard SQL and works with any SQL-compliant database.
I agree, I do question the design a bit :-)

My code should work in MSSQL 2000, let us know if you run into any problems

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