Background attachments from Outlook user showing up as attacments in Notes.

I have a user that recieves msg from an  Outlook (Look Out) user. The Outlook user has a graphic background in his mail form (a gif file). When the msg comes into Notes Inbox, it shows up as an attachment (Paper clip). Also If the msg has an attachment, it still show the paper clip, but no attachment is attached
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So u mean that msgs coming from other users(internet mails like yahoo, etc.,)  and having attachments, will show as paper clip and thier is no attachment.

Am I correct?

If the above is true, then refresh the design of the mail database.
And let us know the version of Notes.

For outlook, I think thier is setting in Outlook, where u need to change.
First we will proceed with step by step.

Check if the msgs coming from internet having attachemnts are displaying properly or not.
On the attachemnt double click and it will ask for View/launch /detach
Take necessary action and check the atach file.

If the above is success, then go for outlook testing. If it is false, then refresh design and test again.

Where is Qwaletee and Hemantha.

Did they missed by any chance or they are not aware of this problem.

Very strange...
Notes is actually pretty bad about figuring out the status of an attachment when a multi-part MIME taht contains a file.  It is very hard to predict when it will treat it as a file, and when it will treat it as a resource for use within the HTML message.

Actually, I shoudl not say that. It is pretty good at following the rules for that in a strict RFC sort of way.  It is very bad at recognizing that in teh real world, not everything practically considers the RFC rules,  and sometimes the eaiest way to build a MIME message is to inline the attachment in such a way that it is easily misinterpreted acdording to the RFC.

So, usually, Notes claims there is a file when all it is is an in-line GIF used within the text/html part of he message.

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This is a common phenomena in the Lotus Notes world. In fact, to save Lotus Notes from recving further flaks I'd also add there are many email clients that do not understand this.

Let us put it like this. When you compose a message in Outlook (Express), it encodes the outgoing mail with most appropriate (least required) MIME format.

Suppose you compose a plain text message, it's Content-Type will read "text/plain". If it was an HTML message, it's Content-Type will read "text/html". And if it was a mail that can be handled differently by a text only client and by an "HTML aware" client, its Content-Type will be "multipart/alternative", so that the client can decide which part of the message it wants to interpret and which to leave out.

Now lets see how attachments are handled.

When you compose a mail with an attachment, its Content-Type will be "multipart/mixed". And each part of the mail will be coded as an independent part of this multipart message. Further, to indicate that this is an attachment, the part containing the attachment will be marked with a Content-Disposition tag. It will read something like Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="ranjeet.gif". So the clients will know how to deal with this part of the message.

Complexity increses when a mail containing an "inline graphics" is composed. Such mails will be encoded as related multipart message. Its content type will look like:

Content-Type: multipart/related;

The key lies in the identifying the content from this point onwards. A part of such a message (probably intended to be used as an inline resource) will be marked with an extra attribute - Content-ID. Notice the difference! An encoded attachment contains a Content-Disposition attribute whereas an inline resourse contains a Content-ID.

Probably you are getting to it now. The clients that understand this Content-ID thing will know how to deal with this part. They will possibly look for resources marked with cid: tag and render the related attachment inline. Others will possibly try to treat them as attachments.

I have no clue how Lotus Notes actually handles this. It probably does not understand Content-ID attribute. May be if we can write a small agent that can replace these Content-ID tags with equivalent Content-Disposition tags, it might just do the trick.

Qwaletee, what do you say? I think such an agent can be a good idea for OpenNTF, isn't it :)

~ Ranjeet Rain

Hi Ranjeet,
How ru? Not seen in EE for a long time.

Hey do u have any openings in India which u know. I am planning to go India next year for ever.
I want to settle thier.

Bye and have nice weekend.

Hi Mady,

Nice to hear from you. Where are you currently located?

Do apply to this company called Wizmatrix. URL is:

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You too have a nice weekend Mady.
I am currently working in SIngapore.
I applied for wixmatrix. But they want me to attend interview in India. Which is not possible currnetly. As i am in Singapore..
These guys are stupids in fact. No wonder such companies remain small. Forget it. They don't deserve your services. I will keep you posted if I come across something cool. Just be in touch. I hope you know my email.
I don't know ur email id.
Post it here. I will be gald to contact you.
ranjeetrain at yahoo dot come

Nice way of writing it ;-)
Got it. Thanks.
> Qwaletee, what do you say? I think such an agent can be a good idea for OpenNTF, isn't it :)

I already posted a very similar agent here in the past few months.  Dumps out any MIME messages into a text file that is LMOST acceptable MIME.  (WinZip will actually treat it as a real MIME file).  Clean it up, post it to OpenNTF... sure, why not?  If you find it for me, of course!

YOur explanation of MIME options was pretty decent as well.  Notes does in fact understand content IDs.  However, there is a problem.  Even though it is an in-line file, Notes still turns it into a $File attachment; it does not leave file contents embedded in the Body MIME, it just leaves the reference.  This is similar to embedded OLE for pure NOtes mail -- it shows up as four file attachments, even though all the files are rendered in line as the OLE object.  This has bugged me since R3.
It can be an interesting idea to see how actually MHTML works. That will be a good pointer. A lot of R&D is certainly not my cup of tea. But tell me, what resource may i use to learn the way Lotus Notes renders the content. You understand that but I don't. Untill that is known, it will be a time-pass to work on something like this.
Well, I was wrong.  I found a Content-ID example that was not treated as an attachment.

I got some of my knowledge by reading the RFC, some by going over sme posts on Notes.Net.  There was one particularly enlightening post where Matt Chant shows that MS Exchange's way of handling multipart/related was out of compliance, and that Notes does not support it.  (Hope it isn't a political thing!)
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