How to Show Multiple Date entries in a Calendar

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Any way here goes again:...........

I have a form that is going to be used for tracking the WhereAbouts of the person who creates it.

The form is multi-use
It will be used for tracking people  who are Sick ,Other and Mission

If the choice is Sick or Other then StartDate and EndDate are Used

If the choice is Mission on the form there are 4 pairs of Calendar fields
StartDate_1....4 and EndDate_1....EndDate_4
All may be used, for sure StartDate_1 and EndDate_1 will be used

This has to be shown on a calendar.
They will be used to track where a person will be within the Date range.

Part of the requirement is that if the fields are not empty they will show up on a calendar view.

I was thinking it is probably easiest that when the original fom is saved that a script create an new form, One for each date range that is not Blank.

If there is another way to do this I would love to know. They have to show up on a calendar if the date ranges are not empty.

ANy help appreciated\


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You don't have to create doc for each date range

In the calendar, specify Formula like this

d1 := @if( StartDate_1 = "" | EndDate_1 = ""; ""; @Explode( @TextToTime( Text(StartDate_1) + "-" + @Text(EndDate_1) ) ));
d2 := @if( StartDate_2 = "" | EndDate_2 = ""; ""; @Explode( @TextToTime( Text(StartDate_2) + "-" + @Text(EndDate_2) ) ));
d3 := @if( StartDate_3 = "" | EndDate_3 = ""; ""; @Explode( @TextToTime( Text(StartDate_3) + "-" + @Text(EndDate_3) ) ));
d4 := @if( StartDate_4 = "" | EndDate_4 = ""; ""; @Explode( @TextToTime( Text(StartDate_4) + "-" + @Text(EndDate_4) ) ));

@Trim( d1 : d2 : d3 : d4 );

This will make sure if there are any null date ranges then it will ignore it in the date list


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adspmoAuthor Commented:
Would this be first column or second. What would be the second if this is first
Give I & II cols the same formula.
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adspmoAuthor Commented:
They show up in the designer view but not in the calendar view
Rebuild the index by activating following keys simultaneously (from the client open to a view and )

CTRL + SHIFT + F9 Keys

Close Notes and open
YOu need to apply @TextToTime to teh final result.  Exploding a date range returns a string list of the individual dates, not a datetime list.  @Trim only works on strings anyway.

So just modify the last line:

@TextToTime(@Trim( d1 : d2 : d3 : d4 ));

Otherwise, it remains as a string list, and even though they LOOK like dates, the calenda does not where to put them.
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adspmoAuthor Commented:
That worked

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