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I was wondering if anyone could suggest a few backup solutions for our small company.  I will probably need two different backups at the least.

We have 7 servers we need to backup, we currently use BackupExec 9.0 on two and 7.2 on the other.  We need to backup about 50gb on a SQL server it is NT40 soon to be 2000 with Sql7.0 need the sql open agent.  Then we have about 20 gb on a Lotus Notes server we use the Notes open file agent for backup exec then we have a bit over 100 gb's of storage space on two servers.  We have a few other servers such as the PDC and test servers.  In our other config we have three servers that are in our DMZ two are running Lotus Notes/Domino web servers the other is our firewall using checkpoint on a Linux box.  I am thinking I need one for the internal and one for the external.  I have quite a bit of time to back these up since the company is only open 9-5 and nothing really goes on outside those hours.  I need something easy to setup and easy to administer.

Thanks for your suggestions..
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
I'd go with Backup Exec 9.0 (build 4454 is current) and use The Adanced Open File SQL, and Domino agents where applicable. If possible, I'd suggest using an LTO 2 (200GB native, 400GB theoretical compressed) drive - if you can justify shelling out for the drive and a full new set of media. It is also worth your while investigating setting up a simple gigabit ethernet network for Backup Exec to use - but make sure you use quality network cards and switch so that you get the throughput.

Having said that, approximately 600MB/minute to an LTO 2 drive is possible 'across the wire', so gigabit may well be an unecessary expense in your case. You can expect around 1000MB/minute speeds on the local machine.

I would also consider Backup Exec's IDR (Intelligent Disaster Recovery) which I've found works pretty well.

For your DMZ you could consider redeploying your existing tape backup hardware. If you do, and if you select Backup Exec for the backup software, remember that Backup Exec requires a domain administrator account for the software to run properly. You need to consider the security implications of this. Alternatively you could run remote agents to back up the servers in the DMZ and only open those ports and source/destination addresses necessary on your internal firewall. Again, you need to consider the security implications.

So, to summarize: I would recommend using LTO 2 technology, Backup Exec 9 and the approprate agents to back up you internal network. The 200GB native capacity of the LTO 2 tapes will easily accomodate the data you have now, and shoud provide some headroom for the future. I should mention that the compression ratio attainable is dependant on the data being backed up, so 400GB is a purely theoretical figure - you may or may not (more likely) achieve a 2:1 compression efficiency. Expect somewhere between 1:2 - 1:7 in real life. As for your DMZ, you need to weigh the security risks of opening ports etc on your firewall against the convenience of a single backup. That one is up to you.

Hope this helps!

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mwebb_sdmcAuthor Commented:
Hey Duncan quick question about the LTO 2 drives do they come in a changer so that I can use more than one tape if needed?  I was considering redeploying my HP changer to the DMZ that does sound like the best possible solution.

Duncan MeyersCommented:

You can get LTO-2 changers - ADIC, StorageTek and Exabyte (so do HP I think) all make them and they are rebadged by other vendors like Dell and IBM - but they aren't cheap. For example, Exabyte make a 10 tape library, ADIC have an 8 tape library and StorageTek have a 10 tape box. And they go up to 76,000 tapes. That one might be overkill, 'though.

Have fun with the shopping!
dear .. "Looking for a new backup solutions"

I am curious what backup solution you ended up with.
what exactly were your requirements?

good luck
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