Gator GMT & Save programs bothering after insatlling Zone Alarm

I´ve downloaded and installed Zone Alarm Free, and since I´ve done it I have a lot of alerts, some trying to reach the BIOS, some asking permission to connect Windows Explored. Most ofe the times I have this Gator program trying to reach the net or the save one. I´ve trashed them but I can´t empty the trash. The only way to connect to the net (via ADSL) or recieve my emails is to shut down Zone Alarm. The progams are not listed in "install uninstall programs either". How can I get rid of them? Thanks, Herman.
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Spybot search and destroy and adaware are two good tools to get rid of gator type programs.

Run Adaware first

then Spybot S&D

These will look at registry keys, programs folders etc.. Basically if you dont know what it is, it is usually something that you want to get rid of.

In order to access the net while zone alarm is on, you need to allow your web browser to access the net through Zone Alarm. For example, if you use internet explorer you may get the question "do you want to allow explorer.exe to access the internet" at which point you would say yes, and click the option to allways allow this program to access the net.



I use to use Gator 2 or 3 years ago until all
the clamor over spyware started and I think i went into
the "Gator" folder with the "Program Folder" on my hard
drive and found an uninstall.exe contained in the Gator
Folder which I used.  

PC Hell: Gator Removal Instructions

Remove Gator         

Judge has Gator by the tail

PC Hell: Gator Removal Instructions

Convert Gator User Data to RoboForm
Convert When Installing RoboForm.
When you install RoboForm for the first time and you have Gator installed then RoboForm will automatically offer to convert Gator User Data to RoboForm. If it does not, then at the "AI RoboForm Welcome" dialog that appears after install select "I am New to RoboForm" and then select "Convert my Gator user data to RoboForm" and follow instructions.
Convert in Already Installed RoboForm.
If you use Roboform version before 5.1.5 then install the latest version of RoboForm first. Then select "RoboForm. Options", go to "User Data" tab, click "Import from Gator" button and follow instructions.
Gator Identities vs RoboForm Users.
In Gator an Identity has a number of logins associated with it, so effectively one Identity represents a Gator user. In RoboForm one user can have several Identities, so Identities constitute an Address Book of a RoboForm User. RoboForm Passcards are not grouped under a RoboForm Identity, instead both Identities and Passcards are grouped under a RoboForm User.
This is how to convert multiple Gator Identities to RoboForm Users correctly:
* Create a RoboForm User by selecting "RoboForm. Users. New". The new user becomes current.
* Convert Gator identity into the current RoboForm User.
* Repeat the above steps for all Gator identities you want to convert.
* You can switch between RoboForm Users by selecting "RoboForm. Users. <User Name>".
Identity Country. If you live in a country other than the United States, you should select your country in the New Identity dialog when converting. RoboForm can correctly fill country-specific fields such as phone numbers, provinces, birth dates, so it needs to know what country you are at.
Password Protection. When you convert Gator identity to RoboForm and your RoboForm User has no Master Password, Converter will offer you to create Master Password and it will ask you whether you want to password-protect all converted Passcards and Identity. This is time to decide whether you need password protection for logins converted from Gator. When Passcard (Identity) is password-protected, RoboForm will ask for Master Password if you try to open Passcard or fill forms from it.

Uninstall Gator
After the conversion is complete and you do not need Gator, you can uninstall it:
* Open "Control Panel" and click "Add / Remove Programs".
* Select "Gator eWallet" and click the Add/Remove or Yes/No button. Wait until the goodbye web page appears.
* Select "Offer Companion" and click the Add/Remove or Yes/No button. Let the uninstaller run.
* Select "Precision Time" and uninstall it too. This is a Gator application that shows ads.
* Select "Data Manger" and uninstall it too. This is a Gator application that shows ads.
* There may be more Gator applications to uninstall.
To be absolutely sure that you got rid of Gator use Adaware or other spyware removal program.

THEN USE Robe Form a much better password and web
site Manager and it will also generate passwords if you so elect.

Why RoboForm is best Gator replacement
RoboForm does not show ads.
RoboForm does not monitor your browsing.
You can see your actual passwords in RoboForm, not just "*****".
RoboForm can log you into the site automatically.
You can control RoboForm from a toolbar in Internet Explorer.
RoboForm can save any form, not just login form.
RoboForm fills forms better.
You can fill only a part of the form in RoboForm using Selective Form Filling.
RoboForm does not slow down your computer.
RoboForm has Password Generator.
RoboForm fills not just US forms in English, it fills forms in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish. It also fills English forms for UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and French forms for French Canada.
RoboForm works in Netscape 7 and Mozilla.
In RoboForm you can customize User Interface.

RoboForm: Free Web Form Filler and Password Manager

[Lockergnome Windows Digest] Scrapbook Filters and the Hotkeys  
Date: 2/23/2003 9:14:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

 AI RoboForm v5.11 [1.1M] W9x/W2k/XP FREE

AI RoboForm is a push-button web form filler with some serious
Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside. It allows you to define your
personal profile or your "usual" responses to a Web form. This
information is then saved, and when you need to fill a form, just
click "Fill Forms" button, and form is filled out. AI RoboForm is
fully client-based, so it is very fast; it never disables Web site
functions, and it works even in pop-up HTML windows. The most
important feature of AI RoboForm is its high accuracy - it fills
95% of all fields correctly. (The Pro version with advanced
features and commercial license is available for US$29.95.)
Updated very frequently. {Editor's Note - Lockergnome has reviewed
AI RoboForm in the past, but one of our more frequently asked
questions is where to find an application that will do exactly
what this one does, so we decided it needs repeating.} [MWA]

Subj:      Neat Net Tricks Issue #119, February 1, 2002
Date:      1/31/2002 4:07:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

ROBOFORM.  Gator is a popular form filler and password manager and
we've featured it in Neat Net Tricks more than once.  There have been some
concerns expressed with privacy issues and you may want to give a try to
other similar applications.  One such is RoboForm at
It's free and works on Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP and Internet Explorer
version 4 and higher.  If you prefer Netscape as a browser, it will
require version 6.1 or higher, but also works with AOL and MSN browsers.
There's even a converter to migrate your data from Gator to RoboForm.

Neat Net Tricks Issue # 120, February 15, 2002  
Date: 2/14/2002 4:12:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

ROBOFORM.  A free utility at

 , AI RoboForm is
a one-click form filler and password manager with, in RoboForm's words
"some serious Artificial Intelligence inside."  It works as an add-on to MS
Internet Explorer versions 4 or later and Netscape 6.  RoboForm has some
slick drag-and-drop features and automates a lot of tedious tasks.  For
those wanting to make the switch from Gator, there's even a converter to
migrate data into RoboForm.


Yes, Roboform 5.1 is free buy limited. If you need more than 30 passwords stored, the NEW free versionS won't work for you after a 30 trial period. Instead use Roboform version 4.6, which you can find a link to in the FAQ in Roboform website. This is truly free and works just as well as version 5.1. Roboform has a nice import feature for importing Gator passwords.

How can I revert to the old version of RoboForm?
A: You can get these older versions:
* AiRoboForm-4.6.8
* AiRoboForm-4.3.7
Please note that versions 4-6-8 and 4-3-7 will not be able to read Passcards and Identities created by RoboForm ver 5+. When you downgrade to ver 4-6-8 or 4-3-7, your Identites and Passcards will revert to the state they were in before you upgraded to ver 5+.

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