usb flash drive driver win 98

I'm looking for a driver for my usb flash/mp3 drive.
I can't find it anywhere.
The driver did not come with it.
It doesn't say the manufacturer's name.. but it's from china ..
it can play Mp3s, and can store data ..
it works with XP with out installing a driver
i've been using it with xp all this time so i threw the box away.. i forgot what it had said on the box.. but i remember that it's from china.

can anyone tell me where i can find such a driver?
i've downloaded many drivers for similar devices made by other maufacturers and none of them worked.
so i'm stumped now..
urgh... :(
Please help. thanks..
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Plug it into your usb port, does it get recognized? If so, as what?
If windows can't find any drivers, you might want to try AIDA32 to identify it for you =>

It doesn't say anything on the outside?
What was it called in Device Manager or in Windows Explorer on the XP computer?
cofeeextravaganzaAuthor Commented:
when i plug it in. it does recognise it..

it says

that's it.. i have tried so many drivers.. and none of them worked..
oh, i installed a driver for an external cd-r enclosure connecting through the usb too.. that works fine..
i have 2 usb ports at the back of my computer..
when i use the cd-r it's fine it's like xp,  at the sys-tray it has a "safely remove" icon..
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How much data does it hold?
There is so many USB MP3 players available, so we need more info to narrow the field down a bit.
Here is direct link to "PenDrive" Win98 drivers:
cofeeextravaganzaAuthor Commented:
it holds 128 MBS there are 256 versions of this too..
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Are there any indications on the device, wich might be usefull, like model no. etc?
If you have your Windows 98 CD Rom, go to the  \tools\reskit\diagnose  folder and copy the file "usbview.exe" to your desktop.

Double-click on it and see if it shows any details against it.

Are you aware that Win98 doesn't support usb 2.0 devices unless there are drivers written specifically for it to run in Windows 98?

When these things first came out, I got one and discovered that the driver files had been wrongly written.  It installed and identified the device as a a generic Mass Storage Driver instead of the actual device name.  I can't recall what it was finally identified as using the rewritten driver files that the company acknowledged they had screwed up with.
cofeeextravaganzaAuthor Commented:
ahh! i have found the driver and manual for the device..
i installed the driver!
but.. it still doesn't work!! WHAT???
it says it's installed and every thing, i restarted the computer like it asked me to do..
and ... under the device manager .. it's sill listed under unkown devices..
the driver that i installed was in "setup.exe"  and there's other files included too..
so i tried to reinstall and update the driver from the device manager.. but when i located the directory for it to search..
it doesn't recognise it..

this is in the setup.ini file that came with the device..
Company = MosArt
Product = USB MP3 Driver v1.17r014
Version = Ver 1.17r014
Title = USB MP3 Driver v1.17r014 Installation
Caption = USB MP3 Driver v1.17r014

i have absolutely no idea why this is happening..
could it be because i installed another driver for a USB 2.0 enclosure device that i'm using for my CD-R now??
that works fine.. connectin via the USB port.
on the manual it says that it's a USB 1.1
the manual doesn't say anything else though..
it just shows you how to operate the playback function of the MP3s..

hmm.. i'm disgusted.
anyways.. it's i found a site selling these things..
you can find the model that i have.. it says that it's a:
"Fashionable" U disk + MP3 (T118)
ha ha.. :)

so it's a U-DISK..
then i searched for more drivers!
it didn't say any of this on the device itself..
i downloaded and installed all the drivers on this site
none of them worked..
any ideas? maybe i'm doing something wrong? somehow? or there's conflicting drivers?
maybe i'll try the  AIDA32  program.. but since i know what it is now, would that still be useful??

anyways, i would increase the points.. but i only have 5 left.. :)
so now it's 45!! :)
you'll definitely get more, when i get more!!!
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Take the device out of your USB port. Then remove the "unknown device" from device manager (do this in safe mode) then boot up normally, install the driver and then connect the device.

i brought the 256 mb pendrive and it cam with a cd for win98 installation. it is a lile over 3,5 mb and works fantastic with win98 .

works as it worked with XP.
checked it and found that there is no mention of the web site address in it.

i will send it to u if u want its a little over 1mb to ur mail box if u want to try it

u can contact me at <e-mail edited by CetusMOD>
cofeeextravaganzaAuthor Commented:
:) hi..

i finally have the driver eh..
so i tried it on another computer with win 98. and it worked!!!!
i think there's something wrong with my Windows!!

thanks suhashegde :) but i think there's something wrong with m windows..
because i've installed other drivers maybe..

you bought the same model? suhashegde? just wondering where did u get it? (country)

i will try what LucF said..
because now when i insert the device.. the hardware detection wizard doesn't come up anymore..
it just lists up under the Unkown devices.. as USB MP3
thanks.. :)
another 5 points!!! :) now 50!!! whow! :)
I downloaded one of the zip files from the site you mentioned, and had a look at it.  I notice right off that it was written by:
Fly & Frog Copyright (C) 2001
I'm not entirely sure that this is an original manufacturer's distribution, given the names, although it does contain Chinese language.  I think it's one that has been created from a template of other such drivers.

Where a download comes as an .exe file, I normally look to see if it is a self-extracting zip file by right-clicking on it and selecting "Extract to..." with winzip.  The reason I do this is to look for the .inf file which is what usually allows a device to be identified to windows, and where it takes its settings to create registry entries.

In your case, the .inf file is in the zip file alongside setup.exe.

Try right-clicking on the .inf file from where you unpacked the zip file to, and select "install".  Often it asks for a .CAT file, and you have to browse to the location of it if one exists in that same directory.  In this case, it's remarked out in the installer setup file and there isn't one.

There is a possibility that the install routine through setup.exe is flawed, as it was on the drivers supplied on mine a while ago.  That's exactly where mine failed.  I notice that the .ini and .inf files state that this will be written to your registry and identified as a "USB Mass Storage Controller".  Did you ever see it identified as this?

Personally, I would see if all the drivers I had installed have an uninstall function mentioned in Add/Remove Programs, and remove all of them.  If reinstalling any, do it one at a time and reboot after installation.  Uninstall that if it isn't successful before you try the next.

A usb 1.1 device SHOULD be backward compatible with a usb 2.0 port, but the fact that other bespoke usb 2.0 drivers are present MAY have some bearing on this.
Another thing.  Take a note of the names of the .inf files in all of the drivers you installed, and do a file search after uninstalling.  They often leave the .inf file behind (usually C:\windows\INF  or C:\windows\INF\other folders).  Delete them, because it may be confusing the registry and device manager if there have been 2 different driver types using the same name for the .inf file.
cofeeextravaganzaAuthor Commented:
hi again.. my Windows was having some trouble.. missing files and everything.. so i installed over it again.. and so now the device works.. ;)
but i wish to use it at work too, and i had installed other drivers on there before i found it's original driver.. how do i uninstall these drivers so i can use it? delete them directly from the C:\windows\INF  directory?
or is there a better, safer option i could take, wouldn't want to mess up anything at work..
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
You should boot into safe mode and then look at the device manager, delete the device from there.
Since the device is alreay installed then all you need to do is open the properties for the drive in Device Manager, and click on change driver and when it looks for new driver make sure you point it to the correct location (floppy, CD, ect)

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hey cofeeextravaganza,
give me your email, i have the same problem as you
or please mail to <edited by CetusMOD, please re-read the Member Agreement>
Welcome to the site, since you are new then maybe you need to read the FAQ's to see how the site works, and how to post a question.
Too complex bad site, with too much advertisments :-(  I just want this player to work.
cofeeextravaganza, please mail to <e-mail edited again by CetusMOD>
the problem might be very simple to solve;)
i had the same problem , when i tried in on the other usb port it worked fine , all you have to do is remove it from the device manager(even if it was unknown) then reboot your PC , then plug it in a different port !
hope that works !
what a useless web site this is... people not giving others the information they need to help, and a bunch of dictators for moderators and administrators! its been fun reading down this post, with the various email addresses edited out and links to the terms and conditions...

i always thought that helping people was a friendly gesture, not a beuraucratic exercise where mods get to act all geeky and mega-lo-manical!


The member agreements are there to protect the site's integrity and ranking, and also the privacy of the members and experts.  All discussions should be restricted to the open question so that other experts and members know the currect stage of progression.

It's not one of those sites where one person asks a question, and then 40 others all chip in saying that they too have the same problem, then they start emailing files to each other, and you never get to see what worked or didn't work.

If you don't like the nature or methods of this site, then go away and don't return.

is there any universal/generic driver or driver compilation that can make all usb flash disk can be operated properly under win98 without its driver just like under xp?
thank you.

Is you usb drive plugged directly into your computer is it plugged into a USB hub?  If so, try plugging it directly into the computer.  I had the problem of installing the right drive and rebooting and it would not show up with it plugged into the usb hub.
Go here and download the driver...

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