Lotus Notes can it change the machine's Time Zone???

We have three Lotus Domino Servers running on Windows 2000 Server on the Western Coast. Intermittently the time zone on these particular servers will change from Pacific to Central.  The time doesn't change just the zone. This is only occurring with our Domino Servers. None of our other Domino Servers on the Eastern Coast are having this problem. Our Non-Domino Servers are not having this problem.

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Did you check the OS Date/Time settings !

Check the Domino Directory. Specifically location documents and server document - location section.
nick_sa82Author Commented:
What specifically should I look for in the server documents?  There are no locations documents set up for the individual servers, because they're able to find each other via DNS.  I thought of that initially, but couldn't find anything odd about the setup.
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Make these changes to Notes.ini of the server and restart


nick_sa82Author Commented:

   According to the above article, using "UseNotesTimeZone" just disables synchronisation of Notes' time zone and the OS' time zone.  I've heard of problems when Domino and the OS go out of synch on time zones, so this will only be a temporary fix.  We need to figure out why these servers are changing their time zones and why it's only the servers running Domino that sufer from this.  Supposedly, Domino doesn't have the capability of changing the OS' time zone, so I don't think that's the issue.  However, I may be wrong.
SO you are saying that OS TImezone is also changed ??

If that is the case then it might not be a lotus domino problem... analyze other installed softwares..

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Hi nick_sa82,

I'll echo Hemantha's point.  If teh time zone is changing at the OS level, try to find what changed it, and don't assume it was Domino. I would shut down any service that is not absolutely critical.

Do you ahve any idea how frequently teh change occyrs?  At about what time?

Best regards,
When the changes occur? When u restart ur domino server or while running domino server.

What version of domino ur using?
Hi Guys, me again :)


Domino can not change your OS's time/time zone settings. It has to be some other software. I am giving you a test to perform which may not be feasible for you. Shutdown the Domino Service on the systems the time zone settings are being affected and restart your server(s). You may have to observe the behaviour over a long period, say 24-48 hours. Reboot frequently while the Domino Service is still shut off. If it stops changing the time zone settings, its your Domino Server at work and we will see what to do with them. But till then, don't blame Domino.

If it does change the setting even as the Domino service is off, you know where to look.
Isn't this an issue like the one we had (NT + R5) where the international date, -time, -number and -currency settings had to be changed in the control panel AND separately in the registry? Like the one handled in http://oldlook.experts-exchange.com/Applications/Email/Lotus_Notes/Q_20121730.html?
Nice point Ralph. But which key will be related to Time Zone. Nicko is having problem with the Time Zone settings. Will it be "Locale"?

Also, he has problem only with select servers only. Does that mean something?
Well... I'm not an expert in that area; just giving this discussion a spin in another direction. I know the problem exists, never had to solve it myself thus never looked around closely enough to rembember all available settings. See it as a contribution to set one of you guys on the right track. This could just as well be a team sport! We can always split points, right?  ;-))  As long as we get Nicko's problem solved.

Now about this time-zone related thing. It could simply be some default setting. If one of the timezones accidentally match this default, that could explain it! In my case, those defaults are always a pain in a dark private spot. We used to have "f" as currency, now "€", and default is always "$". We prefer "dd-mm-yyyy" over "mm/dd/yy" and use "," as decimal separator. Every server we install (on NT anyway) we have to change those over and over and over again.... simply because I don't live in the same area as where the software was built (and because it doesn't unconditionally follow OS settings!).

So Ranjeet, consider us members of a football team (or whatever).... I might be running the wrong way, but I just passed the ball to you. Go for the score!
Oh good old days! We did have a BIG team here :) he fire still burns :-)
Notes client can change the timezone and arcserve backup agent for Domino can too, not sure about Domino itself though..
We are talking about Domino Servers and not Notes clients. Never figured out what if the server machine was also being used as a client. ArcServer backup agent is capable. In fact, there are many tools that manipulate system settings in order to perform their function. That's what is to be figured out.
Interesting... you say that it is the serverS plural running Domino that are doing this.  When were these servers built?  Did you use a standard company "OS build procedure," that is used by non-Domino servers as well?

Most importantly: I want to confirm, the OS-level TZ changes, not just the TZ Domino displays?
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