HTML renders differently on IE/Netscape/Opera

I'm running what should be the latest browsers, IE 6.0.28, Netscape 7.1, and Opera 7.2.  The pages in question begin at  There are several pages that render differently, but only in a slight horizontal placement of the logo at the top of the pages.  I'll start by pointing out two pages that render differently but there are several.  There will be more questions posted about the difference in horizontal placement of that logo between other pages unless I figure it out this could get lucrative for someone.

The pages I'm wondering about are the index page and  IE and Netscape work fine, but Opera displaces the logo slightly.  I worked it down to where if you delete the symbols and text for marketing plan and merchandising plan, it renders identically.  What's causing the difference and how can this be corrected?
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Looks the same to me in MSIE 6.0, Opera 7.21, and Mozilla 1.5.

You might replace those vspace attributes on the images with a little CSS padding, though. Actually, come to think of it -- you could get rid of the img tags for the bullets altogether by using an ordered list with list-style-type:image; list-style-image:url('...');

Also you could ditch the extra divs you're using for cetnring and just use <table align="center">

However, I'd consider getting rid of the nested tables -- you ought to be able to do that layout with a single table, with a little planning.
Bob3975Author Commented:
I just double checked and it still shifts for me.  Try going to the home page (  ) and press the top link which goes to Our Services.  You should see a slight shift.  If not it must be something to do with browser settings.

About the coding, I created a mock-up in Frontpage and later ran it through tidy-HTML.  The HTML is solid but admitadly sloppy in the way Frontpage overuses div and tables.
Bob3975Author Commented:
oops - You should see that shift in Opera.
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Well, your table width = 687 however, the three tables add up to 560.  When you have discrepancies such as this the browser will react differently depending upon what they decided to do with the extra space.  I think if you take the time to make sure *all* your table width's add up correctly then this problem will go away.  I've spent way too much time digging through table mis-alignment problems already; I don't need to do more! ;-)

This is especially true of nested tables as the rendering of one can affect the rendering of another.

Regards, Iguanasan.
Bob3975Author Commented:
About table size: I thought the same thing and had tried it before.  Regardless I recoded the tables and all now equal 687.  I put the new tables on the web so you can see them, they still shift.
They're shifting because your services page has a vertical scrollbar, which your other page doesn't. Opera substracts the width of the new scrollbar and then centers the content. IE considers the full width of the window, scrollbar or not...

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Bob3975Author Commented:
Sweet!  It was a trick question, one that even tricked me!  (I feel kinda small right now.)
No problem, glad to help...
Heh, I missed that, but then I was using a 1024X768 window...
Oops, meant to add that using fixed-width tables is not the best approach, either... Percentages are usually the way to go.
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