~~ Attention Experts -- MSAccess TOP 15 Challenge for November, 2003 ~~

jadedata used Ask the Experts™
It's that time of the month again, and here they are...

  Currently 15th, kfalandays moves up from 33rd last month.
  Currently 14th, gwgaw moves up from 18th last month.
  Currently 11th, Dexstar moves up from 80th last month.
  Currently 4th, svenkarlsen moves up from out of the blue and will get my first 50 point, "Comet Award" for coming from nowhere to the front page!!

  For those not in the TOP 15, (but painfully close!!),  this challenge is for you too!
  There will be 450 points total at stake, after the Comet Award
  You must post to this question to claim a piece of the award.

  THE CHALLENGE:  Get to and/or remain IN the TOP 15 for November AS A FIRST TIME TOP 15 MONTH and split the pot.

  As for all you old timers,... lets have some congratulations starting now for these Experts!
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Alan WarrenApplications Developer

congrats to all and sundry!

Alan :)
Jack & Allan,

Thnx for the warm welcome, - it's great fun to be here!

I may take it a little bit slower for the rest of the month, as I'm working on a small support tool.

Come to think of it, - it's silly of me not to aks if any of you have already made it:
   - it's for analyzing an SQL-sentence and creating a set of tables as spec'd in the SQL for testing the SQL in the GUI

(I'm not all that fast to read and understand SQL in raw form ;-)

Kind regards,
Okay, jadedata, I accept your challenge...  But you're going to have to save some of the questions for us to answer Mr. "125+K Access Points for November".  :P

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After today I'll be out on vacation for the rest of the month(yaaahhhhh!!!).  I'll give it a go next month.

Happy holidays everyone.

Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

Thanks Jack! Hey, where do you view the top 15 for the month?

Great job !!! Welcome to our humble panel of Experts :-) You are well on your way (if not there already) to attaining Master status and keeping the rest of us on our toes.


Hmm, I guess I don't have to compete here as I'm "loaded" with points already <LOL>

But it's indeed nice to see how experts assist questionners and one another in this topic area :-)

Keep up the good work !

Well done to our "newcomers" and welcome
I suppose the phrase to remember is that this "is a marathon, not a sprint".  The key is contributing over time.  Don't burn yourself out on this place(and don't try to measure yourself against Jack because he isn't human).  You've been helpful, keep being helpful.

Give what you can but keep coming around.  While I'd sure like to have 50,000 points a month I know I can't.  But I CAN give 20-30,000 a month and do some cleanup.
With every point, you've helped someone and that's the point.

Keep up the good work.

(You'll obviously find me to be more of a philosophical one around here)
jadedataMS Access Systems Creator


hehe.  Walt knows that I'm only here until my unit recalls me from this planet.
He is all too correct about how you are helping others, which is why I post these questions!  
:) Jack

I wouldn't measure myself against Jack, because I'm sure you're right: he's not human: he's running an AI Support-engine and is just using EE to refine it before he starts marketing his product ;-)

I am aware of the less glorified background tasks (CLean-ups), and when I feel confident enogh, I promise to take my share of this work too (if invited, - of course).

What impresses me most about top-rated experts here on EE (I DO attend other TAs as well, like W2K, etc.), is that they/you are so very pleaseant to interact with on a question, - you tend to set cooperation as the theme, rather than compete for the points (I know you don't HAVE to compete, but let's forget that for a moment).

What surprises me most of all on this TA, is the lack of an up-/downlaod area. Even if just timelimited, it could be a great resource in many situations.

Jack: they've been calling you for ages and trying to beam you up, - I was told to ask you to let your shields down!

(Earth, 2nd Floor, Right)
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application Developer

Karen, gwgaw, Dexstar, and Sven,

It is good to work with you.  All of you are very energetic, knowledgable, and fun to work with.

Sven is also very skilled in documenting and explaining.

BTW, Gewgaw means to obtain or aquire, what gwgaw means?


Mike Eghtebas

eghtebas:  Thank you very much.  The feeling is mutual.


thnx, - glad you notice, as I'm often being accused of being too circumstantial. It often annoys (offends?) the skilled, but pleases the average user/poster ;-)

jadedataMS Access Systems Creator


That has happened to me where the questioner doesn't let on how much background they have, and their typing is awful, and their description of their issues is missing all kinds of specific needed info.  The questioner gets PO'd cause I start at "junior geek" explanation level, and I tell him/her (generally a him though...) what a jerk they are for not coughing up more professional looking specs for a solution.!!

Yeah, it's better to be polite,... but... I don't get paid for that.
Doesn't get me any points, but I sure feel better when I'm done.

  If you are from the future and are reading this question for the first time,...
  Remember this when you are asking YOUR questions...
  Show Respect for the Expert who is VOLUNTEERING to assist you!!
Alan WarrenApplications Developer

Hi Sven

Sounds like an interesting project you are developing.
Am I correct in surmizing that it will be a kind of jet version of sql 2000 query analyser?
Or are you looking at something more like the sql 2000 english query engine?

*LOL* Jack! -

I know the feeling, - but I find it much easier to be polite to people I don't know, than to people I know and work with. At office I get extremely annoyed by persons who are able, but unwilling, to learn what they should,  but with strangers I don't care.

I think it's because I feel that the skills of my collegues (and somehow even (L)users must be considered collegues ;-) is a part of my companys reputation, and thus indirectly a part of my reputation, which makes me take their ignorance personal.

I'm no BOFH, and maybe I got a bit emotional here, - but aren't you allowed to demand more from people you depend upon, than from strangers ?


With all those new comers the old timers even have to work to stay in any of the top fifteens :)  

Congrats to all.

Hi Alan,

I wouldn't presume to make anything as fancy as that!

My project is quite simple:

 - take a valid SQL sentence
 - process it to get all significant table/field information, dropping literals, functions, numbers, keywords, etc..
 - from the acquired data, create the corresponding tables in a tmp Db
 - optionally fill tables with testrecords containing easily identifiable generic data

This will make it easier (for me, at least ;-) to spot bad joins, etc., and much faster to generate an error-free solution to the poster (as it has been syntax- and error-checked by Access)

I have currently ("fairly successfull"; - he humbly added) completed the code for sequential analysis of the SELECT-to-FROM subsentence, and the UI is also well on the way. When the Beta is ready, I would be glad to have any volunteers test and comment, but I'm a bit protective about my own site (only got one, - and it houses some critical services), so does anyone know where it may be uploaded for free access ?

Alan WarrenApplications Developer

www.50megs.com offers free website hosting (50 megs)


Hi Sven,

About your "SQL project", I can see the advantage and I must admit that I've been thinking the same thing long ago.
Nowadays I'm a real "Graphical query" adept.
I create the difficult SQL strings in the graphical query editor and switch to the SQL view to copy/paste the string into the code or when I have a failing SQL statement in my code I print it in the immidiate window and the printed string I paste in the query editor's SQL window to debug.

Idea ?


I'm with you on that one, - I'm no saint, and headers like "This is an easy one" - followed by a question like"My computer cannot connect to the internet via my DSL, - what's wrong", does tend to heat my blatter above a comfortable level.

Hi Nico,

right, - but when you do that, you already have the tables, so the Q-editor doesn't tell you that tables and fields are missing. That's the objective of the exercise: to make sure the tables are available.

Alan, -thnx, - I'll keep that in mind!


There you loose me:
1) Creating queries with the editor do force you to use existing tables and fields, so indeed they can't be missing.
2) Not running "VBA" string queries will after a copy/paste from the immediate window give a warning in the editor when you try to switch back from the SQL mode to the graphical mode. Or when values are involved, the "!" run button will give the proper warning about erroneous field contents.

What's it you need more ?


Hmm, overlooked your Comment  Date: 11/22/2003 12:05AM CET
I wouldn't start creating tables from queries as it's a "dead-end".
You won't be able to generate the correct field type when there's no data available.
Access does try this when you import excel and other fileformats and regularly you'll notice that the first 8 rows taken for type detection cause trouble :-(

The table definition, fields, relations and indexes should always be constructed first before thinking about queries IMHO.


thanx for the advice!


Thanks to all and congrats to the other first time top fifteeners.

Like Sven said it's great fun to be here! Somebody once told me that if you think programming or trying to solve problems with insuffcient and/or inacurrate information is fun then you must be nuts. Perhaps I should change my name to Iam Nuts.

Since I took on a couple of new clients this week I probably won't be able to spend much time here for the next few weeks.

>BTW, Gewgaw means to obtain or aquire, what gwgaw means?<

gwgaw means: the first time I signed up for an ISP I entered my initials for the user name. They said the user name had to be at least 5 characters so I added gw. To my clients it means getting good dependable applications. :)

Actually a gewgaw is similar to a doodad which is related to the whatch-a-ma-callit and thing-a-ma-bob.

From http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/archive/1999/05/21.html.

gewgaw (G(Y)OO-gaw), noun: A showy trifle; a toy; a splendid plaything; a pretty but worthless bauble.

Kind of like some of the stuff you see in some software.

Yeh congratulation all, I'm being lazy lately or possibly because I have been flat out with my own work, will try to work harder on EE from next month

jadedataMS Access Systems Creator


Here's two other Experts that are "dipping their toe" in the TOP 15

Interesting Fact:
  The average 15th place total for the last three month is 20,100.
  This means that a daily average for any 20 days in the month of 1005 will get you close.
Hi everyone!

I can't believe I'm in the top 15!!!  It's been a lot of fun answering questions in this forum...  

jadedataMS Access Systems Creator


well morpheus30,.. so you think you'll take the Challenge after all!!  I thought you might!

The results are in:
     Rank  Member  Points  
     1  jadedata  188153  
     2  peter57r  82646  
     3  eghtebas  73606  
     4  svenkarlsen  55586  
     5  stevbe  37290  
     6  alanwarren  35250  
     7  bonjour-aut  34619  
     8  Arthur_Wood  34397  
     9  nico5038  31443  
     10  heer2351  29598  
     11  Dexstar  26425  
     12  walterecook  23070  
     13  TextReport  21810  
     14  HaydnH  21562  
     15  wsteegmans  20900  

The next 5 were:
     16  morpheus30  16110  
     17  jobrienct  14220  
     18  1William  11593  
     19  nmcdermaid  10148  
     20  gwgaw  9178  

@JadeData :  Who are the new top 15 people?

jadedataMS Access Systems Creator


Out of 199 contributing Experts,...
The November 2003 First Time TOP 15's are


jadedataMS Access Systems Creator


waiting on wsteegmans to post to close the question!

Well, he hasn't posted to this Question yet, so he probably isn't on the subscription list.  Someone needs to direct him to post here, or how else is going to know that he needs to?

jadedataMS Access Systems Creator


already handled...
Hi everybody,

Seems to be a little late :-(
It's my first real month here on EE, and it's indeed great fun here ...

Posting comments to several subdomains, but MS Access is I think the one with the most enthousiastic people!

To everybody in the Top 15, congratulations ...
And let's continue helping people, because that's the job we've got to do here.

jadedataMS Access Systems Creator


svenkarlsen 50+183
Dexstar 184
wsteegmans 50+183

Ho Ho Ho!!

thnx for the recognition (and Jack: thnx for the price pts).

However, top-price is all the knowledge I gain from being here, - some from having to solve the posted questions of course, but most by watching solutions provided by others. That fascination has probably kept me on-line a bit more than I intended.

But, - as Walt mentioned: "is a marathon, not a sprint", so I'm trying to select among the 20 or so TA's I've been haunting this first month (I actually came 2nd in another TA: Broadband, - with 3260 pts which also gave me a 6th on the annual *grin*)

See you all around (I see Jack has already switched his engine to 'X-Mas Mode' )


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