Pioneer 106 DVD-RW - Slow Burns?

Hi, i've only had my dvd burner 3 weeks, i bought 4 packs of 25 DVD-R ritek dye discs. until now i haven't had any problems at all, i've done 75 dvds, no coasters no problems whatsoever. but i've just started the last pack, and its taking 50minutes to burn a full dvd. i've tried it with both nero and stomp and its still going really slow.  the speed is set at MAX on stomp, and at 4x on nero. i've been burning both on the fly from another dvd-rom on the same ide channel, which i hadn't had any problems with either, and from my hard drives.  its as if the burner is writing at 1x or something... stomp hasn't got a device buffer monitor. but on nero, the device buffer is up and down like a yoyo from the very beginning. i'm not running anything more than the very bare essentials, the computer buffer is fine, and yet it still goes up and down all through the burn. any ideas guys, i'm praying its not the drive because i really can't be bothered to have to send it back.

Thanks very much,

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You may want to Defrag your hard drive.
If you have a lot of fragmentation this could spread your data all over the hard drive while burning.
could be the lot of disks
but a few singles of other brands and see what happens
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
>>> but i've just started the last pack, and its taking 50minutes to burn a full dvd.

As chicagoan suggests its the media.  Try different media.
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Simon_OBeirneAuthor Commented:
ok will buy some different media over the weekend, and defrag my HD tonight and let you know how i get on. cheers

There is only two reasons for the slow burns.

Either the discs you are burning on are only guaranteed to burn up to say 2x.  This speed is written on the side of the dvd box/case/rack.

Secondly, some Dvd burners require a ROM update which can be downloaded from the pioneer website.  I know that Sony had problems with this when they released their 4 speed burner, and they released a rom update to actually make it burn at 4x.

I advise making a backup of your current rom if you go this way though.

One more not.  Even a fragmented hard-drive should be able to read at 5Mb/s which is what 4x dvd writes at.  I think most discs can write at least 5 times that speed at worst.
Sorry for the numerous posts.

I use Verbatim and Memorex and have never had problems with them.
>Even a fragmented hard-drive...
what could it hurt to defrag once a year? ;-)
Simon_OBeirneAuthor Commented:
Well... after having a look at my network monitor i noticed that i had 40k/s in and out constantly even when i wasn't doing anything on the internet.  It appears that someone put a virus on my computer and this was slowing it down substantially. bit of a strange one. thanks for all the help, good reminder to defrag my drives, they haven't been done in years!
now all i need to do, is find out how to retract a question....
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Go to Community Support.

Quote this question number and ask for refund as you solved the problem yourself.
Question closed and points refunded

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