Win 2k/Windows 2000 Expert needed

Ok, I am stumped!  Win 2k Prof takes REALLY long booting and stalls at the splash screen.  I have done everything from safe mode & enabling boot to fixboot/chkdsk /r.  I can't seem to get this system straight.  Some of the drivers in system32/drivers cab are not loading.  HELP?!
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a) Once your system is up and running , download msconfig from here and dictate the startup programs

b) Download the latest patches and security updates for your OS and other applications

c) Check for unwanted starting services and disable them

d) Try doing system file checking ( start ---> run --> sfc /scannow)

e) Try doing inplace upgrade of windows 2000;en-us;292175

f) Repairing, Recovering, and Restoring an Installation of Windows 2000;en-us;268106

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Also go through these

a) Troubleshooting Boot and Startup Issues

b) Troubleshooting Hang Conditions

c) Check to see all your hardware devices .. Also check if they have the latest version and correct OS drivers

SharondaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sunray.... I will try these things tomorrow and see what happens, though I must say... I have already tried repair.  I have even rebuilt this system from scratch.  Nothing seems to work for this issue, but you have some good ideas here that I have not tried.  I will let you know how it worked... or did not work... :-)
If you have re-built the system from scratch and are still getting the error then it could be hardware.
Did you format the drive when you rebuilt??
Could be faulty RAM - try swapping your RAM sticks if you have more than 1.

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SharondaAuthor Commented:
Yes, I reformatted the drive and redid my partitions.  I will look into faulty RAM also.  Thanks Julian.
OK Sharonda ... Let us know how it goes.. May be if nothing works some other experts can give some more ideas

sfc /scannow
check your OS for possible system file problems

Rob StoneCommented:
wtrmk74, sunray already said about sfc in one of his posts.

Have you edited the boot.ini and put the /sos switch in to see if its a particular driver/service that is slowing the bootup down?

Try disableling some device's in device manager and see if it boots up any quicker (network especially).
I'm with Julian on this one. Since Sharonda has already wiped the drive and performed a clean install, this would almost have to be a hardware fault.
Either the Memory, or possibly a flaky Processor. Hades, even a video card could do this. 8-)
Sorry I didn't see that!

Hey, we all need the extra caffeine boost sometimes. Me, I ALWAYS need the boost. 8-)
SharondaAuthor Commented:
Thanks you guys.  I did sfc /scannow and the scn disk found errors and fixed them.  I also did a fixboot which found errors in the boot sector.  Did that help much... not really.  At last resort I did the dreaded fdisk, which at the time was not so dreaded, along with a scan of the surface which reported no errors.  It still did not fix the issue, so a hardware issue it must be.  I appreciate ya!
Hmm.. Sharonda.. If sfc /scannow did help you why my comment was not accepted as answer ???

SharondaAuthor Commented:
Sorry Sunray....  sfc /scannow did find errors but it did not fix the problem.  I really don't know what the problem is with the system, but it appears to ultimately be a hardware problem.  That was why I did not select your answer.  It was an excellent answer, but having had to choose... I chose the comment that actually pointed to the correct problem.  Though I must say, you are top in the Troubleshooting department.  I did not think I could select 2 answers or I would have selected yours.
You could have split the points .....

Actually you can still do by posting a comment for 0 pt in CS and the moderator can open the question..

Open the question means it will come back to the same windows 2000 area and you can then accept couple of answers and split the points ...

You may do orelse it is OK ..

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