extreme budget performance?

How does a Xabre400 64MB video card go about performing well?  How come its memory is faster than that of a GeForce4Ti 4600?  How come the GPU speeds match?  How come that card is available for $60?

Could you recommend the 128MB version for a moderate system?  I really need to know why this is not a good card.  Sure, it's from the Ti 4X00 generation, but it seems very good.  If I can get Ti 4600 performance out of this thing for ~$80 or less, should I go for this?  What could be some potential problems I'd have to consider?

Thanks in advance,
Radomir Jordanovic
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radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Oops!  That would be a Xabre400 64MB video card, but the link is completely wrong.

Transcend Xabre 400 64MB CRT+DVI+TV 8X AGP - RETAIL on www.newegg.com is what I would like to have explained.

Why does the memory of the VGA APOLLO SIS 400 AGP 8X 128MB DDR W/DVI/TV Retail on newegg.com have ram that's half as slow?

Here's the product link: http://www.transcendusa.com/graphicscard/ProDetail.asp?mid=TS64MVDS4

Thanks again,
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
The Xabre is anything but an extreme card.  It's a budget card.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
The specifications for the Xabre400 put it in a market with the GeForce 440MX / 460MX and the ATI Radeon 7500, but it's nowhere near the performance of the Ti4200 series.

Even a GeForce 3 Ti 200 should kick it's butt just about anywhere.

Ahh, wait, here's a couple of reviews comparing the card with others:

Hope that helps some.
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radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
So, it's not faster, even with its great speed (275/550)?
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Where are you getting the 275/550 stat from?  That's the stat of the GeForce Ti4800.  The Xabre 400 is maxed at 250/250.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:

That is a Transcend Xabre 400 64MB CRT+DVI+TV 8X AGP - RETAIL on newegg.com in case the link above doesn't work.  The speed there, actually, is 250/500.  That's a 64MB version.  The 128MB version elsewhere on newegg.com works at 250/250.  Is that a typo?
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
It's got to be a typo, yes.  The Xabre600 is slightly faster, but tops out at 300, I believe.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
What would you get for less than $100?  Would the 250MHz memory really matter that much, except for loading times?
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Personally, for $100 I'd invest an extra thirty and get an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128Mb.  That's the best thing in the sub $150 range.

The GeForce FX5600 Ultra 128Mb is closest in performance for the price, but is $115 on pricewatch, so it's a little less $$

If it HAS to be under $100, get either the GeForce FX5600 (non-ultra) or the ATI Radeon 9600 (non-pro), both in 128Mb versions.

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radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Great!  Thanks a whole lot.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Weird...  I can't find the Accept button.  I'll split the points between two of your answers.
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