Active Directory Authentication

Hey everyone
Hopefully this is an easy question, and hopefully somone can give me a simple straight answer

I got 2 sites in active directory, site A and site B.

They are connected to each other using a 256K WAN link

the domain is arranged and

I am wondering, how do i force clients to authenticate to their local domains?

Cheers :-)
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Make sure that each domain controller is a global catalogue server. That should force the client to authenticate at the closest domain controller

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Justin CAWS Solutions ArchitectCommented:
If you have two domains, users authenticate to the domain their account is a part of.  If you've got one domain with two AD sites, users should authenticate to the DC in their own site first unless it is unavailable.  
Depending on the GC, of course. In order to insure your clients authenticate to the local server, a DC at each site must be configured as a GC server.
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to add, if a DC is not configured as a global catalogue, it will not authenticate clients at all . (PERIOD)
You know, there is one thing we haven't asked about. DNS. It shouldn't be an issue, as this seems to be a straight authentication question/issue.
And while it is a little late, is there any reason for the two seperate Domains?
Just curiosity, and I realize it's really not any of my business, but with that type of setup, a single domain, with seperate sites COULD have worked, depending of course on the needs of the business.
If he has his domains setup this way then DNS is functioning. Also you should make sure that when you login that you specify username@b for and username@a for This should guarantee that you are at least login into the correct domain. Now to make sure that the DC at the local site is processing the authentication request (and not a DC for the same domain at another site) you need to make sure that you have all your sites (in active directory Sites and Services) configured correctly and most importantly, like I alreadymentioned, you must have that DC specified as a globla catalogue server.
undysheltsAuthor Commented:
thanks chaddupuis... I asked for a simple answer and u were right on the ball.. thank you..
You didn't overwhelm me with Active Directory jargon (which is shocking because i've only stated learning AD)..

Thanks again! :-)
Not a Problem, how did it go by the way?
undysheltsAuthor Commented:
the question was actually for an assignment i had (going towards my qualification).
I ended up understanding how it all works and i got a very good mark for the assignment.. thanks...
No Problem.
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