GIF Viewing in Browser

I have created a multi-image GIF using Anders Melander's TGIFImage control.

My question is not a programming one.

When I load the GIF into the Windows Browser it automatically runs as an animation. I want to step through the images as I would with a multi-page TIFF.

Any suggestions?

Roger Fedyk
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i didnt under stand ur qustion very good!
do u mean u want to display the GIF image frame by frame
please make ur question more clear
rfedykAuthor Commented:
Yes I want to display each image frame by frame using the Back and Forward arrows in the browser.

At the moment, as soon as the GIF loads, it flips through all the images and only displays the last one.

The Browser arrows are not enabled so I cannot go back to any other frame.

I want to know if there is a setting in the GIF header that controls how the Browser displays the GIF or is there a setting in the Browser that controls this?
i dont think that u can do that in intenet explorer
but u can in programs like jasc animation shop
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rfedykAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, this client does not want use anything else except the browser for his application.

i dont know other ways sorry!
but check out the guys at java mabe they have a script to do what u want and its possible to be done with java
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
The only way I know of to do this would be to break the GIF apart and use the separate images.
There is no way to control the animation of the gif once it is saves as it is embeded in the file

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rfedykAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. I have received simlar advice from another forum
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