Inspiron 7000 Covers Won't Open

Hello to All -

I'm helping a friend with his son's Inspiron 7000 notebook from Dell. There are 3 covers that open from the bottom of the unit, including the memory module cover (the one we want to open). The instruction manual and online support screen show that by firmly pushing the cover in the direction of it's embossed arrow and then lifting, the cover will open and provide access to the memory module. There are no screws or latches or controls of any kind, just push and lift open.

Well, the cover won't budge. Neither will the other covers - none of them move at all. We spent an hour and a half on the phone with Dell tech support people from various parts of the world, but all they could recommend was to firmly push the cover and then lift up. According to the Dell techs, there is no locking mechanism, nothing that would prohibit access. At the end of our telephone session, the Dell tech told my friend to gently hit the memory module cover with a hammer...

Anyway, I could see it if one cover were jammed, but not all 3. Has anyone gone through this? Please advise.

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Aaron FeledyDrupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
These are sometimes very tight.  They are not stuck, and can be removed.  Just try to move them as best you can.  You can even take a flat screwdriver and stick it in the side of the panel pushing in at the same as pushing the direction the arrow points. but be careful, you don't want to hit anything vital with the screwdriver when the cover comes off.

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Service manual says:

Remove the video card and memory module covers.
Slide the video card cover as far as it will go in the direction of the arrow,
and then remove the cover (see Figure 4-8). Remove the memory module
cover in the same way.

There are no fasteners of any kind shown in the illustration or parts lists.

jm8540Author Commented:
Hello Arrow_1 and chicagoan -

Thanks for the replys, but we did use quite a bit of effort trying to open the memory module cover with no movement. We pried the edge with a jeweler's screwdriver (sorry to not mention that in my initial question) but still no luck. All the covers are the same, they won't move regardless of the amount of pressure. If there isn't a fastener of any kind, why would all 3 covers be equally hard to remove? Is there a hidden locking mechanism?

Thanks again,
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Unless someone has tried to weatherproof the machine with superglue, it's just some machiavellian plot to make end users feel inadequate.  A little downward pressure on the side of the door to which the arrows point while trying to slide it might help.
jm8540Author Commented:
Thanks chicagoan -

I guess there really isn't any 'button' to push, nor superglue as far as I can tell.
jm8540Author Commented:
Hello Arrow_1 and chicagoan -

Thanks for your help with this problem; it's still a mystery and we haven't been able to open anything, but you both deserve points for taking time to address this issue - hope you don't mind the split.

not at all...
a replacement will run you ~$10 from a salvage hour...
I'd just have at it, just don't jam anything in that could contact the internal components.
The rounded edge of a couple of nail files is my tool of choice for prying remote controls apart.
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