How can I store the data larger than 700 MB in a single CD?

The first thing for me to say, is that I'm very new here. So this question might have been discussed here before or I might post it at the wrong place, please forgive me.

I have one data CD and would like to copy it, unfortunately, I have only one CD drive on the computer. So I copied the whole content of the CD into the local drive, and then write the content to the CD using Ahead Nero 6, but the data contains more than 1 GB so I can't write the data into the CD. How can this data is stored in the single CD? Is there anyone could tell me?

Like I said, I'm very new to this place and of course to this kinda stuff. So any advice would be very appreciated, thank you in advance.
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
You should use the overburn facility wich is inside Nero burning Rom
3. How can I burn CDs that are larger than the standard 74 minutes CDs? Such as 80min and 90min CDs?

Your CD Recorder must support the overburning feature. The Recorder must support this type of media as well. Some recorders support 80min media but will not support 90min or 99min media. You should make sure you have the latest version of Nero, though this is supported from Nero 5.0 and above.
And you need to have the latest firmware for your model recorder, as it will contain information to enable overburning, but most importantly, it will contain Read/Write strategies for new CDR and CDRW brand of media and can resolve many issues you may otherwise run into.
You MUST burn in Disc-At-Once or Disc-At-Once 96 write mode or you can not Overburn. The mutlisession mode is not possible, if you want to burn such CDs.
You MUST enable overburning in Nero's File - >Preferences -> Expert Features, or if you have Nero Express, do so from More -> Configure -> Expert Features.
And you must deactivate/disable Check for correct disc format from within Neros Files -> Preferences -> General, or from within Nero Expresss More -> Configure -> General settings.
When you enable Overburning in Expert Features, you should use the below settings based on the size of media you are working with:
For 80min media set to - 82:00
For 90min media set to - 89:30
For 99min media set to - 99:54:74

Important Note: You can have always 99:54:74 min entered so it will always enable burning to the max.


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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
> but the data contains more than 1 GB
wait a minute, that is not possible, you should check the "Ignore illegal TOC" function inside Nero, also use the normal cd copy function just disable on-the-fly copies (should already be disabled)

Use a file splitting utility.  Then you can burn to multiple cds.
There's a bunch of freeware out there to do it ... for example ...    ....
..or filesplit 2.o etc.....

or do a google search under file split or split file.
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Or use a file compression program like winzip ... (sort of freeware)...
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
dxf224, just my thought: "I have one data CD and would like to copy it" doesn't mean compressing it ;-) I assume he wants to make a backup of a cd-rom.

cant you just ZIP it and then put it on a CD!!!!!!
Data takes up more space on your hard disk than actually necessary.  This is especially true with Windows running on a machine with a large HDD.  If the disc you're trying to copy has severl small files, it may help to rip an image of the disc as a single file, then burn that to a new disc.  That way you'll get a bit-for-bit copy of the old disc instead of re-creating the file system which is probably what you want anyway.
Assuming you are making an archival copy of software you own and your EULA allows this, find a copy of clonecd.
While gerneralk is correct about hard drive slack the difference in size probably can't be accounted for in slack and no disks will overburn to 1GB. LucF's idea usually works, his ideas usually do, and I would try this avenue first, if Nero can't handle this particular disk - clonecd is designed to copy difficult cd's.
Unfortunately, the vendor has been besieged with legal problems, so you may have to hunt for a copy. Be extremely wary of any software you get from an unknown source, use an up to date virus scanner.
>> but the data contains more than 1 GB
>wait a minute, that is not possible, you should check the "Ignore illegal TOC" function inside Nero, also use the normal cd copy function just disable on-the-fly copies (should already be disabled)

Actually it is possible, but there must be at least 300MB of duplicate data in order to store that much on one CD, and without compression programs either. IIRC, this is possible because the ISO9660 allows links to the same location of the CD (similar to Linux's "ln -s"). I can't say for sure if this generates illegal TOC though.

As for making copies of this CD, I guess you guys have covered it :). Me, I've been able to make copies of this type using Alcohol 120%.
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
>I can't say for sure if this generates illegal TOC though.
As far as I know it does generate illegal TOC data doing this, not so sure anymore....

Glad to help ;-)

busakornAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, you guys.

I've finally found the way, I enabled overburning in Nero's File - >Preferences -> Expert Features but set the min value to its maximum (150) and burn in Disc-At-Once 96 write mode, it said something like, the data was too big, do you want to 1. cancel 2. overburn the cd and of course, I chose the latter. Anyway, it gave me the error when the writing process reached the about 57% and stopped writing. But I can read the CD with the 100% same data as expected :-)

Thank you very much again
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
You're welcome.
I encountered the same problem. To solve this, I used UltraIso from which costs about 30 USD. This program allows you to read/write images and create/modify images and some other stuff.
Anyway in this program there's an optimize switch in File>properties next to the media size of your choice. This switch will solve your problem.
I also had a CD which was about 619 MB(CD properties) but the data on the CD was actually 890 MB on disk according to the file properties.
So I copied the data on my HD modified some files and wrote an image (with optimize switch) back to disk. This image was now 619 MB i.o. 890 MB (without optimize switch). Then I could easily (without errors popping up) write the image back to a CD.

Hope this helps.
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