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I have two network card installed on my computer but i can connect to only one of them at a time one is using internet connection and other is using lan what settings are required and how can i share internet.
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There's a bunch of ways.  I have had more than one NIC in computers several times.  It's a matter of having multiple network connection configurations.

I'll bet five bux that  chicagoan's link has some good tips for you...
I would've bet five bux ShineOn had a passle of PAQ and other links to share...  No?


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Don't be so sure he'd let a passel go for 20 points...
it's a lot of work editing the prefix out of them:


Well, as far as a passel of PAQ and/or links, that would be a lot of effort that would likely be wasted because I might post links for the wrong OS.

ahsan17 - if chicagoan's link didn't help, we can't help you more until you help us be describing your PC in more detail, specifically OS version and type of network devices including NICs and hub/switch/routers.
ahsan17Author Commented:
it's not working i have two servers from one server microsoft i connected to internet through modem and from microsoft another computer intel is connected that has two nic's one for internet another for lan in intel internet is also working but in lan internet is not accessible what i do.
What version of Windows is running on your systems?  Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP????
ahsan17Author Commented:
i want to use both windows 2000 server as server and windows xp as client and windows 98 as server and windows 98 as client.
You seem to be leaning towards what Micro$oft calls "Internet Connection Sharing" where one computer with two network cards acts as a sort of gateway to the internet for your other machines.

Which this is possible, and fairly simple, I'd like to suggest something else.
To connect all you machines together you're going to have to buy an ethernet switch
(forget about hubs, in fact some inexpensive 'hubs' are really switches anyway)
to connect the ethernet cards together. For very little more money you can get a switch incorporated into a "broadband router" aka cable or dsl router. This device connects to your broadband connection and your computers connect to it. It automatically assigns TCP/IP addresses to your computers and they can all share your connection. It also incorporates a hardware firewall that is a good start to keeping your machines secure from intrusion. It is even easier to set up than ICS and doesn't require the gateway PC to be on all the time.
You can get one at any computer shop or internet storefront starting at about $40 on a good day. In fact, here's one that adds WIFI for $30

Once you've got your machines connected to the switch, you can go to the link I posted above and start sharing the resources you need. Get all of your machine's patches up to date on Get up to date virus protection running. Keep is simple at first. Share a printer and get it working on all the machines, then share a folder. The start working on the services on your 2000 server. Make small changes and see what the effect was.

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