Office 2003 stops FrontPage 2000 uploading...?

Hi Experts

I have been using FrontPage 2000 for months to maintain my web site without problems.  The web site is hosted by a company that I upload to, it's not on my local machine.  A week ago I installed Office Professional 2003 so I now have Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003 but still Frontpage 2000 on an XP Prof machine.

Since then when I try and upload changes to my web site the program goes through the routine where it compares pages on the server and then my PC.  It should then upload new files and files that have changed.  However it just sits there not uploading anything and then the following error appears: -

"The Server sent a response which FrontPage could not parse.  If you are trying to connect to a FrontPage server, check with the server's administrator to make sure FrontPage extensions are installed properly".

My web host assures me they have made no changes to my account and FP extensions are still installed as normal.  They recommend uninstalling FrontPage and then re-installing it.

Is this a good idea?  Is this a known problem?  Is there anyhting esle I should try?


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Were there any other changes made apart from installing Office 2003? (Firewall, AntiVirus, software, etc.)

The suggestion actually is a valid one - uninstalling and reinstalling the FPSE after any major "Windows" software upgarde or installation. (FP relies heavily on the settings that a lot of your software has - the OS, IIS, IE, and Office.)

Question: Can you open the live site directly within FP (File > Open Web> and then use the http: address...)
davidchargeAuthor Commented:
Hi seanpowell,

No, there were no other changes before the problem appeared, at least as far as I'm aware.  

Yes, I can open the site using the method you describe.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

And have you uninstalled and reinstalled the extensions? This won't hurt anything, but as noted above, can be necessary when you update Office software...
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I installed Office 2003 and kept Frontpage XP,  it misbehaved.  Even opening webfolders became a problem.

I uninstalled the extensions and reinstalled them, but still having the problems.

I don't recommend having Office 2003 with Office XP on the same machine.

I am answering from a personal experience.  Everyone might have a different situation.

Sorry  - I guess I misunderstood - you're running FP 2000 yes?
davidchargeAuthor Commented:

Yes, I'm running FP2000.

I have uninstalled and re-installed FP Extensions but this has had no effect on the problem.


If you like I can try and access the site from here with FP2000 - just to confirm that the problem is indeed specific to your machine. You can send the details to the email in my profile if you wish.

Have you done the Office Updates fromt he Windows Update web site?  There are tons of updates for Office products out there.
davidchargeAuthor Commented:

By coincidence I happened to be in another User's profile on my machine and tried again.  This time publishing worked!  The problem must have been some sort of corruption of my User profile so I deleted it and re-created it and everything works OK now.

Thanks for the advice.

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