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Net send in delphi

Posted on 2003-11-21
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Hi experts,

I was wondering how I can use a net send in my program. Not a net send through DOS (shellexecute) but one actually using the net DLL. Thanks.
Question by:ionet
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Accepted Solution

GloomyFriar earned 128 total points
ID: 9796456
As far as I remember it can be done with using of mailslot.

Assisted Solution

amjedmsa earned 124 total points
ID: 9797035
it seem you dont want to show your app user the dos screen thats simple and also i dont know any free compnent or comercial compnent to do this trik

check this code put it under a button e.g
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

shellexecute(handle,'open',pchar('net'),pchar(' '+'send' +' '+ edit1.text + ' ' + edit2.text),nil,SW_HIDE)


and edit1 will be the host name or the ip number of the computer
edit2 will be the message

once u hit the button the message will apear instantly in his computer
and no one will see the command line screen
also this is better than a component this way save's space

Expert Comment

ID: 9797050
oops forgot to tell dont forget to put shellapi in the uses
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Assisted Solution

cqhall earned 124 total points
ID: 9799166
Try This:

function NetSend(dest, source, msg: string): longint;
 TNetMessageBufferSendFunction = function(servername, msgname, fromname: PWideChar; buf:
 PWideChar; buflen: Cardinal): longint; stdcall;
 NetMessageBufferSend: TNetMessageBufferSendFunction;

 SourceWideChar  : PWideChar;
 DestWideChar   : PWideChar;
 MessagetextWideChar: PWideChar;

 Handle      : THandle;

 Handle := LoadLibrary('NETAPI32.DLL');
 if Handle = 0 then
 Result := GetLastError;
 @NetMessageBufferSend := GetProcAddress(Handle, 'NetMessageBufferSend');
 if @NetMessageBufferSend = nil then
 Result := GetLastError;
 MessagetextWideChar := nil;
 GetMem(MessagetextWideChar, Length(msg) * SizeOf(WideChar) + 1);
 GetMem(DestWideChar, 20 * SizeOf(WideChar) + 1);
 StringToWideChar(msg, MessagetextWideChar, Length(msg) * SizeOf(WideChar) + 1);
 StringToWideChar(Dest, DestWideChar, 20 * SizeOf(WideChar) + 1);
 if source = '' then
  result := NetMessageBufferSend(nil, DestWideChar, nil, MessagetextWideChar, Length(msg) * SizeOf(WideChar) + 1)
 end else
  GetMem(SourceWideChar, 20 * SizeOf(WideChar) + 1);
  StringToWideChar(source, SourceWideChar, 20 * SizeOf(WideChar) + 1);
  result := NetMessageBufferSend(nil, DestWideChar, SourceWideChar, MessagetextWideChar,
       Length(msg) * SizeOf(WideChar) + 1);

Author Comment

ID: 9802831
care to do some explaining instead of just code?

Assisted Solution

Delphian earned 124 total points
ID: 10173431

cqhall - (S)/He uses the API contained on NETAPI.dll on what
the NET SEND is based. It calls the DLL, gets the function
and configure the parameters to finally execute the send.
After it, it unloads the DLL and free all memory.

amjedmsa - S/He uses the shell ShellExecute function available
on shellapi.pas unit on Delphi. It runs the NET.exe executable
like you would make it manually.

If  you accept this answer, please split the points....

[]s Fabricio


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