Reinstall Win98 - Cleared out start menu, any easy way to re-create it?

A user here was attempting to fix his home windows98 machine's booting problems by doing an install of windows98 over the current install. This fixed his boot problems but reset his start menu to a default clean install start menu.

All the programs are still on the computer, and functional, just no shortcuts in the startmenu anymore. Is there an easy way to restore this aside from manually browsing the computer, looking for programs and manually creating a startmenu?

Bottom line; are there registry keys or files that would still exist that would not have been cleared by the OS's reinstall that could be used to restore the startmenu?

Thanks for comments.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hi Mooligan,
sorry no but you can save having to browse to them by dropping them back on the start menu

Click the Start button once with your right mouse button. You should see a context menu pop-up
One of the items is Explore, click this with your left mouse button
An Explorer window opens in \Windows\Start Menu
Right-click any empty space within the right pane. A context menu should appear, click New > Folder
This will create a highlighted icon called New Folder, just name it how you like. You can add shortcuts and/or actual files in this folder. The location on your hard drive is: \Windows\Start Menu\<your folder>

Greetings, Mooligan!

If you have lost your start menu items, I agree with PeteLong that you will have to put them back one by one.

But your start menu items may not be lost, but hidden. Go to Start > Settings > TaskBar and Start Menu.  Uncheck "Use Personlized Menu" and then click OK.

Here are other ways to personlized your start menu

Best wishes, war1
Humm, sounds like the user didn't really install over top of the old install, I would guess it install into a different folder like maybe "windows.000"
Check in Windows Explorer and see if there is a Windows folder and a windows.000 folder, if there is then it is still fixable by reinstalling Windows again and make sure it is installed into the "windows" folder, then when done simply delete the "windows.000" folder.
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that's why we always say to the people....that before doing any type of istallation or repairing of windows......first make a backup copy of ur personal this case also....if the user had made a backup copy of "C:\Windows\Start Menu" folder, then it would  be able to copy this folder now in C:\Windows folder to get the Start Menu as it was before!!

But as Windows has restored all its original folders and has created the Start Menu folder ur old Start Menu has replaced by this new Start Menu.

Now only one thing u can C:\Windows, there will u find the folder, Start Menu, open it and here creat as many shortcuts of the programs, as u want or as u need. and after u have done it, make a copy of this Start Menu folder and save it in a safe place for the future sake!!
sorry i forgot to mention abt ur profile folder in C:\Windows\Start Menu folder, coz here all the folders of all the users present on this system will be present, ur Start Menu will be stored in ur profile folder :)

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It's strange that it should void the start menu.  I've done this more times than I can remember, and it has never done this with me.

Are there multiple profiles and he is now logged into a different one or maybe the default user's one?  This has already been covered by SheharyaarSaahil, but I typed this quite a few days back and she has seen the same possibility as I have.

Are their any others profiles in C:\windows\profiles\<name>\start menu?

That's a strange coincidence, war1, I was just reading the downloaded version of that this afternoon during a clear out.

There would be a way of restoring this in one go from a batch file by calling the program Shortcut.exe. In honesty though, it would take longer to set this up than just doing it manually.

If you are interested, I have it as a self-extracting PKZIP file named "ENVARS.EXE" and I believe it was from that I got the idea.

Windows 95 CD  \admin\aptools\

shortcut: [-? -h -f -c -r -s] [[-t] target [[-n] name]] [-d working directory]
        [-a Arguments] [-i Iconfile] [-x Icon index] [-u {all|[natdix]}]

  -? -h        This help
  -f           Force overwrite of an existing short cut
  -c           Change existing shortcut
  -s           Make shortcut non tracking (Stupid)
  -r           Resolve broken shortcut
  -t target    Specifies the target of the shortcut
  -n name      Specifies the file name of the shortcut file
  -d directory Specifies the directory name to start the application in
  -a arguments Specifies the arguments passed when the shortcut is used
  -i iconfile  Specifiles the file the icon is in
  -x index     Specifies the index into the icon file
  -u [spec]    Dumps the contents of a shortcut. 'all' is the same as 'natdix'
               but the letters of 'natdix' can be specified to display specific
               fields in the shortcut (repeats allowed, and order followed)

A handy way of finding and saving fully qualified paths would be with the DOS command "WHERE.EXE" from the Win98 CD Rom under \tools\reskit\file

Usage: WHERE [/r dir] [/qte] pattern ...
    /r - recurse starting with directory dir
    /q - quiet, use exit code
    /t - times, display size and time
    /e - .EXE, display .EXE type
    /Q - double quote the output
    WHERE notepad.exe            Find ALL notepad.exe along the path
    WHERE $windir:notepad.exe    Find ALL notepad.exe along %windir%
    WHERE /r \ notepad.exe       Find ALL notepad.exe on current drive
    WHERE /r . notepad.exe       Find ALL notepad.exe recursing on current direc
    WHERE /r c:\windows\system notepad.exe   Find ALL notepad.exe recursing on c
        Wildcards, * ?, allowed in bar in all of above.


where /r c:\  powerpnt.exe > paths.txt
where /r c:\  winword.exe >> paths.exe

and then begin compiling the batch file from there to call shortcut.exe.

So, that's it in a nutshell.  You did ask  :-)
MooliganAuthor Commented:
I didn't actually know there was a profile folder in Win98, I thought the start menu was under \windows\start menu. I don't have access to the computer, so this is the only suggestion I feel I can really pass onto the user aside from rebuilding his start menu the long way.

As for unchecking personalized menus..not in win98 the last I checked!

Thanks for comments once again.
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